Ask My Bull Flamboyant Jazz Punk

Ask My Bull Official trailer 2017

Ask My What?

... an instrumental flamboyant jazz punk fivesome from Manchester. Fluorescent and flirtatious or blunt and vulgar; they crackle with an infectious energy that always sends a current through the crowd.

... a musical chimera that combines the visceral energy of punk, the dance-ability of drum'n'bass and the intriguing nuance of jazz. The resulting delightfully hyperactive and cinematically epic.


jazz, gypsy, ska, klezmer, afrobeat | drum'n'bass, breakbeat, techno | punk, math rock, prog rock | video game music, film music | flamboyant jazz punk, party prog, trip gyp, meth rock

"Imagine the mathematical mind of Mickey Mouse playing chess with a sledge hammer. That's Ask My Bull." - João Meirinhos, visual anthropologist at Cinéma du Désert -

Ask My Bull EP

“Ask My Bull is a band with hypnotic and tightly wound momentum ... These Manchester masters have a unique quality to their song construction.” – Pat Clavel, Spread

The bovine mystery

Fritz, Tom, Harry, Tom and Elliot: guitar, bass, drums, saxophone and saxophone. The sum of these parts? No, Ask My Bull is so much more. Years of inappropriate stage wear and testing gigs in over-flowing house parties. Nights out dancing for too long and nights in pondering the minutiae of Western thought. A breadcrumb trail of broken equipment, hastily abandoned stage-props and confused cows. Whats the big bovine mystery, you may ask? Its a moo-t point. If you ask a stupid question, and you ask it hard enough when the moon is full, you might just hear Ask My Bull in the distance.

“Their uplifting intense jazz psychedelic trip turned the room into a lively house party ... They danced in their animal onesies, delivering more surreal and elaborated funk each time.” – Alyssa Vongapai, The Mancuinon


“Ask My Bull are pumping a truly unique sound into Manchester and beyond. A DIY cocktail of jazz, math rock, gypsy, ska and breakbeat there is no doubt they’ll be turning heads and bending many minds in the near future.” – Alex Cardwell, SBCLTR

What are we up to?

Ask My Bull is on an exciting trajectory. Since their sold out sweat-box of an EP Launch, in collaboration with M20 Collective, they have dominated stages at Kendal Calling (for Riot Jazz), Equinox Festival, Alchemy Festival and Hootananny, Brixton (supporting Jeremiah Ferrari). They have traveled to Wales, the Lakes and Europe. Bolstered by their infamous 'street raves' and loyal Manchester fan-base, their live presence has most recently been felt playing for The Correspondent's album launch for Fiesta Bombarda.

Ask My Bull is an exciting collaborator. The stand out success of the last year is the soundtrack they provided for vimeo's viral video 'Cat City', which gained over 140,000 views in just 7 months. Their collaboration with a Greek graffiti artist gained them a Detroit-based industry award but they are excited for 2018's coming collaboration in which they will provide the full live score for new theatre piece 'Oct.O.Pus' which examines the accountability of large corporations.

Ask My Bull will continue to excite. As well as looking to hone their live performance anywhere and everywhere, they are currently writing their first full length album. This will showcase new influences and be the first release with the current line-up. Intensive writing sessions and a careful search for right producer for the project are next on this band's action-packed schedule.


Highopestudio Photography: photos 4, 5, 8, 12, 13, 15 | Andreas Andrews Photograpy: photos 2, 3, 11, 14
Highope Studio Photography: photos 5, 7 | Andreas Andrews Photography: photos 2, 4, 9

Gigs & Festivals played

Band members

Fritz Lindner | Guitar

Tom Le Cocq | Bass

Harry Summers | Drums

Elliot Slater | Tenor saxophone

Tom Harris | Alto saxophone

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