Expulsion:Cattle Cars and Transportation Krista Austras, Margaret Noble, Adeline Vamenta

In 1942, the expulsion of Jews to killing centers began. Nazis were taking Jews from their homes, often with no warning. They were allowed to bring nothing but a suitcase and the clothes on their back.

Many Jews were deported during the Holocaust. They were transported in cattle cars like this one. It was common for people to die on the train ride because of the poor accommodations.

After a long and hard train ride, the people were met with the gates of a concentration camp, where they would either work hard or die.

The trains and cattle cars that Jews were forced into had very little room and no accommodations. Little water or food was offered to the passengers on the trains.

The deportation of jews lasted from January 20, 1942 until 1944. It was the final solution in order to try to kill and get rd of as many jews as possible.


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