OnaBooks We remove the hassle of managing your books so you don't have to

OnaBooks is an outsourced bookkeeping/accounting service that keeps you engaged with your money yet supplies help so you don't get bogged down with the routine of bookkeeping.

When you own a business ruling your money is paramount for its vitality
Being business owners ourselves, we know that you must stay intimately involved with your money. Ultimately you are responsible for your business’s financial health, we help make that easy & clear.

This isn't going to be an ad full of piggy banks, calculators or little tree sprouts growing from dirt held in hands.

It's about people like this dude... he shouldn't be typing out his books, he should be doing this.

#1 thing to learn in business is the art of leverage

...directing your dollars exactly where you want them to go.

What more could you do?

the only way is to be clear on what you have to work with

Otherwise you're shooting in the dark.

Bookkeeping is all about organization & processes

Details matter.

Personalities fall into natural categories. Some love working with small details while others are more like free spirits. BOTH are creative, simply in different ways.
ps.. you want the detail person that sees the one tag in this photo that's off centered and fix it!

So how do you learn the fine art of leveraging your bookkeeping?

First, here's some perks when outsourcing to OnaBooks

  • We're not your employee = none of the employee costs for payroll, benefits etc.
  • We're in & we're out. Pay for what you need and no more
  • Our time to complete the work always averages less (processes are a beautiful thing)
  • No babysitting. We're pros who are self sufficient
  • PRIVACY - no employees see the books. Our perspective is different than someone employed by the company
  • You are our focus
  • ZERO judgement. We help, not judge
  • We know what we're doing, we'll help you improve on the money side
  • We LOVE organization = You'll have organization
  • Flat fees to fit any budget
  • We can grow with you
  • OnaBooks is part of OnaWay which has a host of services you need to help run your business.

leveraging - Try this out

#1 add up the number of hours it takes you to do the books each week, month & at year-end for taxes

#2 multiple that by the revenue you COULD have generated if the time had been spent there

I bet its a lot. This is the power of leveraging. Go create sales and hire us to manage your books at a lower cost. The difference between the two is your PROFIT aka cash $$$ in the bank!

We'd also like to mention that word pro again. We're pros at this. Please don't ask us to build your house, cook that scrumptious dinner or farm your fields, we'd fail. So don't feel bad if you're not a bookkeeping wiz, you're not suppose to be. Well, unless you run a bookkeeping company like us that is!

Sold, but feel like you're too small?

You're not too small. Our motto is Grow to be Mighty, we have several options that fit all budgets.

Here's how we do it

after-the-fact bookkeeping (atf)

After-the-fact (ATF) bookkeeping is our most affordable option but by no means a lesser value. Bookkeeping is prepared by us directly from your bank and credit card statements using Quickbooks. We enter all deposit and expense transactions and reconcile your bank and credit card statements monthly. You receive properly posted cash basis financial statements monthly.

The benefits are many. Our favorites include knowing your numbers monthly to make powerful decisions and the simplicity of tax time when everything is ready! Zero stress.

The fee is a flat monthly amount so you know exactly what to budget for and aren't hit with surprise hourly billings customary with hourly bookkeeping services. We calculate the fee based on the size of your bank/credit card statements. Payment is made via an automatic ACH initiated by us.

Average fees range $175-$375 per month

tag-team bookkeeping

TagTeam is all about collaboration. You do some, we do some, we’ll handle as much or as little as you like. This service is for those that have someone on the ground handling the day to day but need a partner to handle aspects of the accounting. This is an excellent option for an added layer of security.

Here's what we typically do

  • Reconcile bank & credit card statements monthly
  • Review deposits entered match deposits per the bank
  • Review account postings to ensure accuracy & consistency
  • Provide accrual or cash basis financial statements monthly
  • Record payroll from payroll provider reports
  • File sales tax returns from data provided by you (if applicable)

Here's what you typically do

  • Invoice & receive payments for customers. Manage collections. (accounts receivable)
  • Approve, enter & pay bills (accounts payable)
  • Manage HR & employee functions
  • Manage employee hours & call hours into payroll provider

The fee is a flat monthly amount so you know exactly what to budget for and aren't hit with the surprises of hourly billings customary to most solo bookkeepers. We calculate the fee based on the size of your bank/credit card statements. Payment is made via an automatic ACH initiated by us.

Average fees are around $200

full onabooks

What do you do when you need someone to manage the bills?

We get asked that a lot. This is when you need our Full OnaBooks service. Done virtually at our office or in conjunction with meeting at yours we have a tight process for managing a business’s books that shaves time off the job and produces an impeccable product. We commit a block of hours on a set day of the week to do your books. The schedule is strict to honor your time and ours, this way you know we're doing your books at this set time and can be free to connect.

The key for streamlining your books to perfection with this process is when we both do our parts. Without you doing your piece, we can't do ours & vice versa.

Here's what we typically do

  • Reconcile bank activity weekly & statements monthly. Credit cards monthly
  • Provide unpaid bills detail weekly including available cash balance
  • Pay bills via best method (check, online etc.). Manage online account logins
  • Review deposits entered match deposits per the bank or -
  • Record deposits / receive customer payments against invoices from detail provided
  • Ensure account postings are accurate & consistent
  • Provide accrual or cash basis financial statements monthly
  • Record payroll from payroll provider reports
  • File sales tax returns from data provided by you
  • Maintain organized files

Here's what you typically do

  • Approve unpaid bills for payment
  • Make bank deposits, send us deposit details if applicable
  • Invoice customers and manage collections (we can help invoice in certain cases)
  • Manage HR & employee functions
  • Manage employee hours & call hours into payroll provider

The fee is a flat weekly amount based on the number of hours contracted. Payment is made via an automatic ACH initiated by us.

What if I need time above the contracted weekly amount?

We invoice you separately at the end of the month by the hour. The hourly rate is $50 and payment is due upon receipt.

catch-up work

It’s customary to need a little work done to get your books up to speed. This can include catching up past months (even years!) or cleaning up old errors. We charge a one-time fee for the catch-up services. An initial deposit is due upon acceptance of a proposal with final payment invoiced/due upon completion of the work. Services fall under the same responsibilities as outlined and selected above.

For those needing catch-up work whom sign-up for a continued relationship we work with you by reducing the catch-up fee


We use Quickbooks. We recommend Quickbooks Online for the ease of multiple access and avoidance of transferring files (never do that). Some clients must use the Quickbooks desktop version due to point of sale modules, in that case we can remote connect into your computer. This isn't ideal as it means you cannot work on that computer while we are. For those who don't want access to their file and are ok with our monthly financial reports, we can use our own desktop version and there is no fee for that.

We have a wholesale account with Quickbooks and get reduced rates for our clients. When a fee doubles for you, it typically increases a dollar for us. For the Quickbooks Online version we prefer, it costs $30 per month. Quickbooks bills us, we bill you. If you leave for whatever reason, the file is switched over to you completely with one click of the button.

Unfortunately, we do not learn private industry specific software. We wouldn't be a pro at it and we're nuts about making sure we maximize value to you. In this case we wouldn't. You'd be better suited having someone in-house who learns more of the software.


Our payroll service is designed for folks partaking in other OnaWay services. It’s a necessary aspect of your business and the perk of OnaPayroll is that you’ll work with the same OnaTeam. If your payroll grows beyond our area of expertise we are partnered with folks who can help you.

Those are the services. Feel overwhelmed? Fear not! Ask yourself this question

Do I want to pay my own bills or not?

Yes. After-the-fact or TagTeam is the way to go

No. You want full OnaBooks

meet the leaders of onabooks

Shannon Reichelt, CPA

Founder of the OnaWay & Head of the OnaBooks Department

Shannon founded the firm OnaWay back in 2006. She started her career as a bookkeeper at age 17 and kept climbing the ladder, becoming a CPA and starting her own firm. She took the practice from 1 to 700+. Shannon specializes in designing excellent, efficient accounting systems that save time & money. Our OnaBooks dept has certainly Grown to Be Mighty! We have a whole team devoted to it now.

"I know how busy business owners are, its insane what we have to do! Your numbers are critical, keeping them clear makes them simple to understand." - Shannon
"I never got too big for my britches as I became a CPA. Bookkeeping was never beneath me. It's one of the top areas that stress business owners out. It can make or break us. It's money and that's important." - Shannon

Alicia Gonsalves

Manager - OnaBooks & OnaPayroll

Alicia manages the OnaBooks & OnaPayroll teams. She takes lead on all new OnaBooks clients, diving into your unique situation and developing an exact plan of attack. Originally, she managed the books for all the various companies Shannon had. She became a natural at designing systems and flow, she now teaches it to our team and all the small businesses that join our OnaWay Community. Alicia has her Masters in Accounting and is a constant steward for CANI (constant and never-ending improvement)

Remember that person you want to straighten the tag in the pic above? That's Alicia!

Personally, Alicia is a mix of genuine goodness & unrivaled discipline. She is a HARD worker, dedicated, loyal, sweet and kind, an ideal team player. But make no mistake she knows her craft and expects excellence in whatever she does.

"Alicia was so excellent at managing the books for all my own businesses it allowed me to step away from it. I couldn't keep her all to myself!" - Shannon

Bookkeeping systems designed by a CPA who owned multiple businesses of her owned, a department manager with a Masters in Accounting... your OnaBooks services have some POWER behind them.

ready to make your move? here's how

Contact Shana to schedule a call with Shannon or Alicia. We'll talk about your business and which of these bookkeeping options hit the mark for you and clear up any questions you have. We'll gather the info needed to prepare your personalized proposal. When you say YES the engine gets cranking and you are on your way to excellent books and a world full of powerful decisions.

Shana's info: shana@theonaway.com 413-209-8364

Want to take even more control over your money? Check out our OnaWay site to see how.

OnaBooks is owned and operated by the OnaWay, LLC

the OnaWay, LLC 1632 Northampton Street, Holyoke, MA 01040 or 55 Federal Street, Suite 230, Greenfield, MA 01301 413.209.8364

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Shannon Reichelt

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