Universi Shadows fall on every home

... and within whole worlds exist.


multitudes of lives we will never know

but will judge all the same

as if we did.

We are so familiar with the world we see everyday

we forget to check our perspectives, the lens through which we see

we need to scour the contours of our thoughts

find the origin of each conviction

the how and why of what informs us

ask honestly if it is true

check for updates that might further our common cause

the everyday lens may be skewed, or flawed ...

unquestioned, old or false

or we may find truth there

and things come into focus strong, clear and true

we not need put on our Sunday best

and act as if the shadows don't exist

we do not need more saturation, more useless information

the beauty of the everyday is truth we find in common

found by looking in, not out

and counts the truth as value

behind shadows in every home

we reflect out from this place,

if we reflect,

what we reflect,

depends on what we find inside, the things we have in common

by looking in a little longer, looking deeper than before

we might imagine ourselves walking in another's shoes

blurred reflections ...

and instead of finding blinding reflections,

sensitivities too high
projections ...
perception goes unchallenged
contrast ...

too loud with contrast

to be true.

smoke and mirrors ...
is there truth within our frame?

is our lens trustworthy?

Created By
Vicki Weldon

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