Tattoo's on the Heart By Blake Brummer

Introduction- This part of the book starts off with him saying he started off working in the poorest of the poor neighborhoods and parishes. My favorite part of this was him telling you his story when he first thought it would be a short trip to becoming his life's work. My Favorite story from this chapter was the story of Ramio because of how ironic the story was. This shows me that he has a good heart and he wants to help those in poor and hard places to be up with everyone else and be equal.

Chapter 1, God I Guess- In this Chapter we learn that we should not lock God in a one dimensional box but he is everything, everywhere, and everyone. The Author refers to God as a her because God has no gender, he is omnipotent. My favorite story in this chapter is Rigos story not because of what happened but because he was able to come at terms with it and move on and I think that if everyone did that the world would be a much more forgiving place.

Chapter 2, Dis-Grace- This chapter is one of my favorite because of the lesson this chapter holds and that is how disgrace and shame can help a lot of people overcome their past because they can realize what they did and turn away from it and back to Jesus Christ. My favorite story in this chapter is Danny's story because all he wanted was to be believed in. That is a great model that we can all try to follow and when we don't believe in others it can tear them down worse than physicality.

Chapter 3, Compassion- Compassion is one thing that a lot of the homeboys want from one another and the people they have to deal with because they likely never got it before and it was the one thing they wanted the most. A lot of Homeboy just want compassion for their situations because there situations were dark and no one was there to help them through it. My favorite story for this chapter was Michelle's. This chapter made me learn that everyone deserves compassion.

This photo was painted to cover up Graffiti and now serves as a reminder of the work the homeboys have done for that community.

Chapter 4, Water, Oil, Flame- This chapter talks about how Religious and theological virtues. My favorite story of this chapter was Jose's. That story told me how important Faith was to these kids because for most of them that was the only thing they believed in.

Chapter 5, Slow Work- This is one of my favorite chapters because it shows that the characters all try to get work because when there at work they can't get into trouble. My favorite story was the story of Camp Munz because it tells us how much they respected Father Greg. Father Greg was always respected and loved by the children he affects because of how he treats them with compassion and kindness.

Chapter 6, Jurisdiction- This chapter is the greatest when it comes to metaphors about life. My favorite one was when he said we all have a chance to create a new jurisdiction for ourselves. But I think the best story in this chapter was Artie and Danny's story because they were two heated enemies but they can both have a good time through laughter. I think that if we can all have that sort of being in the world, no people would be fighting because they would treat each other as old friends.

Chapter 7, Gladness- This chapter makes you feel inside because of the great points Father Greg brings to the table. A lot of the things he says are vague but they can be applied to many situations in our live and that is what makes it so powerful. My favorite story in this chapter is Spider's story because he had to grow up without his parents and he had to raise him and his sister and now he has a wife, 2 sons and lives in an apartment where he can raise his children and not let what happened to him. This chapter makes you realize that the people in these stories aren't just characters on a page but people in real life and we should try to help those in need .

Chapter 8, success- This chapter is one not of success but one of death and sadness. It talks about when someone is shot they are not there to hear the mothers wailing and screaming. And when a couple of them heard it they were so scared they didn't do anything and this was my favorite story of this chapter and it was Victors story. Death is weird, it makes you remember what was so great about a person, it makes you sad to see them go. And I think if we thought of people as they were living as their were passed way we would be a world of peace than war.

Chapter 9, Kinship- This last chapter was probably the greatest though because it tellS you about how these gang members had to live their lives it was solely based on kinship because they all wanted to be wanted and these groups acted like families. My favorite story was when everyone found out Father G had Leukemia, and he realized how many people cared about him and how many he cared about himself. I think that if Earth was a family and everyone treated each other like family there would be no wars or fights because as everyone knows, you never turn your back on family, so we should seek to try and turn the world into a place of love not hate.


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