The HLH By paradis co.

The bathroom

The bathroom of my house will be very entertaining. There will be a cooler with beer, Coca Cola and rhum. There will be a coffee machine for the morning and a TV with an Xbox. Off course, there will be a toilet.

The shower will be interactive, so it will wash me automaticly and will remind me what to do today. It will read my emails and my texts, play music and talk to me.

The living room

The living room is very entertaining and relaxing. There will be a sort of tv, but it's an hollogram. We can watch 4 different things at the same time, there's four "screens". We'll be able to surf the internet, wtach netflix, play videogames and watch regular tv channels.

The couchs will heat, vibrate and massage. They will be very confortable. We will be able to use them as a bed.

The kitchen

The kitchen will be technological. The oven will be interactive and will show recipes. It can also cook food for you, like eggs and bacon.

There will be a machine to cut vegetables, fruits and meat so it will be impossible to cut your fingers.

The refrigerator will have a screen that will tell you what's missing and what's out of date. It will also tell you what's good to eat and what's not depending on your health.

The bedroom

The bed will tell you how much time you need to sleep, will wake you up the morning and will tell you if you move during your sleep. It'll be good for your health and humor.

Also, there will be a tv in front of your bed, to watch movies and play videogames.

To conclude

To conclude, my house will be very futuristic and i'm sur that you'll love it. It takes care of you and is entertaining, making your life easier and better.

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Olivier Paradis

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