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Here in Alabama Friday it was rainy , windy and chilly; so what better time to make White Chicken chili .. My family and I love eating chili any excuse to make it is a good one . I simplified this recipe , since Friday was order day for Bitaly Boutique ,we had a surprisingly busy evening making us get back home super late; by this time everyone is ready to eat ,so this busy mom simplified and reduced the length of time for cooking this yummy chili and saved my family from just fading away from hunger ... I hope you enjoy

White Chicken Chili Ingredients; 6 boneless skinless Chicken breast is traditional however I purchased two rotisserie chickens from Walmart took the skin off and placed the meat I was using in a bowl shredded it up nicely with a fork and by hand . 4 stalks of celery , 1 thing of fresh cilantro for serving ,3 tbs of minced garlic ,2 to 3 cans of great northern beans . 2 small cans of green chilies,1 Jalapeño, 1 lime , 1 sweet onion , 1 1/2 bag of frozen sweet corn . 4 tbs of oregano, 4 tbs of paprika , 1/3 cup of chili powder , 4 cups of chicken broth or more if you like I used more . Sour cream for serving , Monterey Jack cheese for serving . 1 tbs of olive oil if your cooking your chicken . 1 stick of butter


I used

A Large stock pot

Large bowl

Frying pan if your cooking chicken .

Can opener

Fork stirring spoon

Cooking utensils ,serving plates and utensils

Directions : cook your chicken breast till done but not over done165 is temp that chicken is done ,set aside to cool .

Chop up your celery in small pieces ,

Place your stock pot on the stove add your stick of butter and your chicken broth to the pot turn on medium high heat stir till butter is melted with the broth . Then add your beans , corn , celery , Chilis , cut your jalapeño fine and deseed add to the pot . Add your seasonings your garlic , cut your onion in small pieces add to the pot , take your chicken and shred it with a fork and your fingers add it to the pot, then add your lime squeeze the whole lime in the pot . Stir together well , keep on medium high heat stirring occasionally until nice and bubbly hot . About 35 mins cooking time , place in serving bowls, add your serving garnishes such as cilantro , cheese ,and sour cream. I made quick Cheesy corn bread muffins to go with the chili but you can do biscuits , frito chips whatever you like to add with yours .

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