Nature and Ethics - The exhibit featuring the Calusa tribe particularly captivated my attention because of its similarity to real life. The life-size models of this Native people allowed me to ponder what their lives, what their human experience must have been like. The life-like model also allowed me to feel their humanity much more than a simple sketch or painting would have, and filled me with a sense of compassion. This people group and others like it were a part of our natural world, and we failed to protect and preserve them as members of the same biotic community. Instead, we conquered them unjustly. Ultimately, this exhibit reminded me of my responsibility to protect all my living counterparts on this planet, fellow man and creeping animal alike.
Nature on Display - The Floridian Estuary exhibit brings the underwater world to life. Instead of using life-sized models, the creator of this exhibit chose to display it on a larger-than-life scale. This caught my attention because it allowed me to see this aquatic environment as its inhabitants do. Instead of looking down from the surface, it was like I was a part of this aquatic world, which is just as intricately complex and balanced as life on land. Its inhabitants form relationships with each other, even down to the microbiological level, in order to sustain their delicate balance of life
Nature and the Human Spirit - My visit to the museum culminated in a tour of the Butterfly Garden. This unique experience allowed me to step out of my daily life for a few quiet moments, revel in the beauty of nature, and ponder the delicate balance of life we are all a part of. From the smallest insect to the tallest man, from the lush rainforest to the barren desert, we all bear the responsibility of taking care of the Earth we call home. As a human, I am not a conqueror, but a caretaker of this beautiful, natural world. It is not mine to possess and exploit, but to nurture and protect for the generations of all life to come.

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