Snow white By: Suleyma Herrera

I like this movie

yes I like this movie because it is very nice and interesting story.

summary ; The queen calls Snow White to her bedroom and tells him that the only queen is her, minutes later the queen calls on Snow White for being beautiful and tells her to leave the castle and Snow White walks alone and arrives in a forest after Some wolves wanted to eat it but then the seven dwarfs arrived, they saved her and they took her to her little house after the evil witch arrives with a poisoned apple and gives it to white snowmen to eat it and die a few minutes later white snow Gives a bite to the apple and faints but the prince arrives and saves her with a kiss.
My favorite character is the seven dwarfs because they saved white snow when the wolves wanted to eat white snow in the woods.
I recommend this movie to my friends because it's a very cute story.

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