It All Began in a Garden Patti Frostad's Lilies and Irises

I often marvel at how fortunate I am to have such accomplished gardeners for friends. I invite myself over for a walkabout, camera in hand, and am served a cold drink when I'm finished.

Patti Frostad is one such gardener, she is a Master Gardener and my "go to" person when trying to identify some unknown plant. Her garden is huge and the sheer amount of work that is involved with maintaining it daunts me. I have so many images from her garden that I am going to break her presentation into several parts. We begin with her Lily and Iris collection. These images don't even capture all that blooms but they are a fair sampling.


Amoung her lilies, Patti has an wonderful collection of martagons

Every colour

of the rainbow

Even the humble day lily has a place


Visions of ladies in flowing ballgowns come to mind when I see an Iris in bloom.

There are many types of Irises. There are: bearded and dwarf bearded, beardless, crested, Dutch, Japanese, Siberian, yellow flag and Louisiana. I suspect there are even more but these that I found doing a little research on Irises.

"Iris, if you were a melody...piano melody. I used only the good notes."

- Jack Black

Created By
Cathy Bennington


C.J. Bennington Fine Art Photography