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Have you ever stood in the Sun for a while and gotten a sunburn?

Āyurveda आयुर्वेद, meaning knowledge of life and longevity, is the healing branch of yogic science. Yoga is the spiritual aspect of Ayurveda, while Ayurveda is the therapeutic branch of Yoga. Ayurvedic Psychotherapy uses Jyotish or Vedic Astrology as a guide or map to the transformation of personality, to self-actualization and self-transcendence, ultimately to discover our true nature. It uses an understanding of the health or wellness of the body systems to compliment the overall state of our being. The growth process is aided by a mind and a body free from dis-ease. Aimed at Self-realization, this is the discovery of our true nature beyond time and space.

Outer therapies are linked with physical modalities like diet, herbs and movement and meditation. Inner therapies work through impressions and consist mainly of color, aroma, energetic and mantra therapies. In our work together we will learn about which remedies are right for you to create the harmonious life we crave. We will train tools that allow us to soothe and move through life without being stressed by external factors.

Have you ever stood by the shore and watched the moon pull the tides?

Yoga as a medical therapy is traditionally part of Ayurveda, which deals with the treatment of both physical and mental diseases. Ayurveda Psychotherapy uses yogic methods, like Yoga postures and breathing exercises, to treat physical diseases. Ayurvedic treatment methods for the mind include yogic practices for spiritual growth, like mantra and meditation. The Ayurvedic view of the mind derives from Yoga philosophy and its understanding of the different levels of consciousness.

Ayurveda Psychotherapy recognizes four primary levels of healing:

  • Disease Treatment
  • Disease Prevention
  • Life Enhancement
  • Awareness Development

I've found if we walk together for a while we can begin to see the signs and read your map. We will use a set of assessments to restore balance and use your Vedic Natal Chart as an entry point so we can work deeper from there. Literally the whole known universe is laid out in front of you - through discussion and interpretation we can see it together.

Your Natal birth chart shows your gifts, talents and opportunities as well as the challenges you face. It helps clarify the places and times where you can make conscious choices rather fall prey to your unconscious conditioning.

What makes you think the other planets between the Sun and the Moon don't pull and burn also?

Psyche - The Human Yoga

I've created this this concept to represent the phenomenon that the mind and the body act as one being. A “yoga” or union of these 2 entities give us our self. Its this unique integration that can create complete inner peace. Its their disintegration that can leave us completely unstable.

Using this concept, I work to offer information and observations that empower us to gain or regain the feeling of mastery of our own life experience. I combine traditional Freudian and Jungian theories with Ayruvedic Psychotherapy and Jyotisha to create both emotional and behavioral remedies. Traditionally emotional relief is only found in western psychology and behavioral remedies have been compartmentalized almost out of existence in most modern culture

The Path to Wellness...

Aryuvedic Psychotherapy and the path to wellness. Here are some of the elements we will work with to develop our inner peace and outer harmony.

Dharma Assesment - Truth, Life's Purpose - Here we work to typecast all humans into 5 basic categories. Through this catorgization we can understand a lot about ourselves. What makes us feel good? What hurts us? How can we move forward in life and how can we answer many of life's major challenges? This knowledge will both work to explain many of your less understood emotions and perspectives, as well as that of the other humans in your lives.

Consciousness Development Skills – Practice and learn Meditation, an effortless, mantra-based meditation that facilitates the rapid development of consciousness.

Subtle Energy Skills – Learn how to assess the chakras, get energetic information, and heal unbalanced chakras.

Physiological Assessment and Balancing Skills – Utilize Pulse Diagnosis and Dosha balancing methods (herbology and lifestyle changes) to create the proper conditions for transformation.

Higher Reality Skills – Assess the influence of the distant past (karma) and the energetic influence of the planets (Jyotish) on the individual life, as well as the higher purpose and evolution of the individual.

Relationship Skills – Develop skills in the subtle energies and understand the polarities of masculine and feminine, the ability to foster trust, forgiveness, acceptance, and passion in relationships.

The toolkit...

Here are some of the tools we will work with:

Energetic Reading – Energetic and Alignment Assessment.

Physio Diagnosis – Subtle Energetics and multi-sensory communication.

Intuitive Assessment – Ascertain the Core Dynamics Behind Suffering, learn emotional flow, and transformation skills.

Belief Assessment - Advanced Elements of Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) and Western Astrology.

Re-creation - Reforming and restructuring our reality to align with our environment and our fate.

Relationship Energies and Dynamic Interventions - A detailed analysis of our default relation ship style. Communication dynamics.

Behavioral and Energetic Treatments - Better flow management to allow for greater adaptive abilities, self-care, marma point massage, meditation, grounding and centering.

Ayurvedic Yoga Interventions - Finding a body practice that aligns with our inner self and the environment around us, movement, breath, and mantra based meditation.

Intuition – Access your higher-self (inner knowing) to aid in change and transformation.

Exploration - In certain instance we will venture out into the world together to do some of the most profound inner and outer work. I refer to this as a Mindful Pilgrimage.

How it works...
What I have:

A genuine desire to help you move forward in life and a simple way to help you better understand yourself and those around you.

What I'm asking for:

More experiences working with many different people from all walks of life.

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Text or call for a session - 808•888•2099

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Your first session is on me... - We will work through a comprehensive Vedic Astrology read to assure us this is a fit.

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"Troy offers deeply digestible wisdom and advice that allows the recipient to move forward with a spring in their step. Would highly recommend"

"Troy has natural abilities that are difficult to dismiss. He had some good questions that led me to draw positive conclusions, giving me the sense that I was “figuring it out myself”...

"Troy challenges everything I thought I had learned, and with uncanny precision shows me things about myself that I might not want to see, but need to."

"Conversations with Troy are transformative. The value and impact of elements illuminated has limitless scale. I'm at a point in my life where I'm like a Falcon Heavy entering the vacuum of space at full thrust, and the milestones of this information facilitates grace through adversity. I will forever consider this a key resource and look forward to how the conversation evolves over time."