Engineering CEE WInd turbine

Claim:The concept learned is when the wind turbine has something light and thin enough like the paper plate, and covers enough surface the wind turbine could
EvIdence:On our two other models that didn't have paper plates attached to them, they covered 0m distance and had a work and power of 0W. When we attached plates to our third model we the turbine covered a .57m in distance and had a work of 1.67J and power of .25W.
Explanation:Our most successful design was our first design it didn't just have cardboard, but paper plates too. It caught the wind more and, covered enough surface area than with our second design it was heavier and had a more rigid material that wasn't flexible,and didn't move well when wind pushed on it. Our successful models were able to get lift which is a force that helps speed up the rotation of the blades,which is what our unsuccessful blade didn't have.


LeSson 11 wiNd whys for your design.

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