The High-Performance Pond Lining That Is Second To None! Hardwearing, quick application, seamless finish and 100% waterproof.

Metcalfe Developments Ltd's spray applied high performance waterproof pond lining is second to none.

This is not a DIY system and can only be applied by trained professionals using specialist equipment.

Metflex spray applied waterproofing membranes cure within 30 seconds, and once cured the resulting membrane is highly flexible much like a butyl liner.

Our client's koi pond liner had failed and was leaking in mulitple areas. The pond needed to be repaired and waterproofed in as little time as possible.

The client chose Metflex SupaFlex waterproofing system because of the quick application process and cure time. The koi were back in their re-furbished pond the very same day. With the intricate design of the ponds using sprayed applied Metflex SupaFlex took less time than labour intensive hand applied glass fibre.

Preparation Works

After the ponds had been cleaned and then primed with Metflex DPM Primer, the ponds were ready for the application of our spray applied waterproofing system. The system we use is hardwearing, fast applied, seamless and waterproof and can be used in either internal or external applications. This system has been used in many different applications from heavy industrial flooring to roof waterproofing, water containment to chemical containment, swimming pools to natural swimming ponds, large aquariums to koi ponds, as well as zoo and aquatic enclosures, for at least 30 years with no problems.

Metflex products from Metcalfe Developments Ltd, are extremely durable and hardwearing. No mater how vigorous the environment in which our coatings are applied, you can be sure the it will outlast even the highest expectations.

The beauty of using spray applied Metflex waterproofing systems is they can be applied to virtually any sub-base, i.e. soil, concrete, geotextile, blockwork, render, etc., and in ANY shape, without wrinkles or bacteria holding folds. The Metflex waterproofing system can support tonnes of boulders without puncture or damage.

Once the spray works were completed, the ponds were immediately filled with water, no need to fill and drain!

The fish were introduced to their re-furbished home the same day!

For all enquiries please contact Metcalfe Developments on 01642 606652 or email info@metflex.uk.com

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