This month in Spain we recorded many scenes on video. Jorge has given many stage directions and we are working.

We are drawing pictures for the webpage.

Also our students who are visiting Poland are preparing letters and videos.

Finally we are preparing a pictures to publish as a book cover for this play.


March was a very busy month. There were so many things to arrange and think over before the next mobility in Poland. We also finished creating our website for "The Revenge", a Polish comedy, which will be performed in May.

Our students had a presentation in front of the whole school community gathered in the sports hall. They talked about the project and shared their impressions of the trip to Spain. They showed to all the students and teachers the photos and movies from Valencia as well.

Presentation in front of the school community.


At school, the teachers’ board has selected the new students taking part to the polish mobility according to the Erasmus+ criteria.

Valentina, Gloria, Giulia, Francesco and Gaia and the teachers Sara and Silvia will go to Poland


Now we start sharing information about the dates, the destination, the tasks to accomplish before, during and after the mobility.

We are ready to start reading all the information about the polish author - Aleksander Fredro - the play - Revenge – and we read the script together.

We use the project’s website.

We start reharsing the play following Flor and Jorge instructions.


This month we made presentations to the students about the mobility in Poland and the play `Revenge`

Our students prepared the motivation letters

These are the students that will take part in the mobility in Poland



The 6th graders as a Poland group took their roles for the play “Revenge” and began to work on their parts in their drama course after school.

They also went on Music courses after school twice a week and worked on the songs.

They created their own caricatures on Bitmoji as an entertaining part of the project and had a lot of fun.

Moreover, they drew scenes from the play themselves.

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