Oakfield News Issue 84 - 26th February 2021

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Note from our Head

Dear All,

This Thursday 4th March is World Book Day and I hope many of you will get involved in the house competition which you can learn more about both in this newsletter and via the Parent Portal. What I really love about books is how they put the onus on you, the reader, to imagine the world described and find your own meaning in the author's words. So many films and TV shows are adaptations of books and I would always recommend reading the source material first and then see how the screen adaptation matches up to the characters and environment you imagined. Invariably they are completely different!

So keep reading, keep driving your imagination, and continue to let your creativity flourish!

I hope you all have wonderful weekends,

Moyra Thompson



Here is a video featuring just some of the great creativity and collaboration going on! The visuals are 3 children from Year 6 putting together their song through Teams and BandLab, and the audio is their final recording!


In English they were given the challenge to write a short song or poem. Their song or poem could be sung with an accompanying tune or they could make up their own. The children were so creative. Their inspiration for their writing was linked to nature as they had been looking at island life in English. Alliteration and similes were included in the writing.

The children read their poems to the class and some even went ahead and recorded them!

By Asha

I can hear the waves crashing down

I can see the grass swaying side to side

I can smell the salty sea air

The fish are flopping and swimming in the fabulous sea

The rainbow is as colourful as a peacock

The snow is as cold as an ice block

By Oliver Martinez-Diaz

I can hear the beautiful ocean crashing on the beach

I can see the green grass growing quickly

I can smell the amazing sunflowers

The seas shells are shining on the seashore

The ice is as cold as the salty sea

The treetop are as green as grass

The children enjoyed hearing about the mission to mars and the success of Perseverance Rover. We were lucky enough to have a close contact who shared some wonderful pictures and knows Dr Moogega Cooper who worked on the project.


Weight and Mass

This week the year 1 children have been measuring and comparing mass using scales, measuring in grams and comparing the weight of different objects. Some pupils even made their very own balance scales out of household materials!

Jerrie Goes Missing

This week, the Year One children were solving a great mystery – Jerrie the cat went missing! Miss Parish found some toys having a party in her classroom and when she returned after lunch, the classroom was a complete mess! The Year One children realised that Jerrie the cat was no longer there! They created Lost and Found posters and thought of questions to ask the other toys. They even had a visit from Mrs Thompson in their lesson to try and solve the case!

Luckily, Jerrie showed up on Friday with a letter in his paws!


World Book Day


Upper Foundation have been learning all about people who help us. This week, their Art and Design activity was to make a piece of emergency equipment. We had stethoscopes, fire helmets, walkie talkies, first aid kits and even a stretcher! Here is a screenshot from our show and tell where the children showed their creations to their friends.


The House Captains have made the video below to explain about the house competition for World Book Day! Marlo has also written down the important things to remember below if you prefer!

It’s competition time again and this time, we House and Vice Captains thought we’d invite you all to show off your acting skills!

As you might already know, next week is World Book Day and we thought that a little dressing up was called for. Be as imaginative as you can and think of all the different books and characters there are. Last World Book Day, Oakfield was rather overcrowded with Harry Potters so try thinking outside the box, originality could be your chance to win big!

So on Thursday the 4th of March, you will all have the chance of logging in to your class form time dressed as a character from a book. Your form teacher will invite you to introduce your character and tell the rest of the class why you chose that character and what that character is like. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 characters in each class. Third place gets you 15 points, second place, 25 points and first place, 50 points.

We are looking to achieve some truly Oscar winning performances and gather loads of house points.

So come on, try your hardest and help your house win the Spring Term House Competition, in association with World Book Day 2021.

Written by Marlo B (Pearsall Vice Captain)


2nd Hand Uniform Donation

Dear Parents,

Please see the list below for the dates to donate any uniform to OAFS.

A member of the OAFS team will be in the lower school car park from 08:30-08:50am on the collection days.

Can we ask that any items you are donating are washed and in good condition with the labels removed.

Please do not send in any non-regulation uniform as we cannot sell it.

Collection dates

  • Monday 1st March 2021
  • Monday 5th April 2021
  • Monday 3rd May 2021
  • Monday 7th June 2021
  • Monday 5th July 2021

Many Thanks

The OAFS Team

OAFs Virtual Quiz - 12th March


Philip Pullman and Michael Rosen Virtual Event

On March 16th there is a rare opportunity to listen to the acclaimed and inspiring children’s authors, Philip Pullman and Michael Rosen, in conversation about children’s literature. Philip Pullman will be talking about his writing and some of the stories and ideas behind his influential and much loved books. And the event is FREE - you just need to register at the link below.

Have a wonderful half-term everyone!


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