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I wouldn't call myself a photographer (or would I ?), but I like to depict my view on things in images, using my imagination, my feelings of the moment and my principles.

Thus by definition

My perfect image contains my imperfections



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My Most Recent Work

Body Painting of Earth - see the project on My Website
Road Trip through the SouthWest - see Travel page on my Website
Basement of Spectres - Check out my Image In page on my website
Gate #2 - See website page "Straights and Curves"

My Moodswings

Slightly Unsettled
How I love to see you flourish
Time travelers
City of the black widows
Take a break

My Blurred views on this world

That singular moment when today turns into yesterday
To the catacombs of civilisation
Rockin' Strangers
One direction, different destinations
Wish I was here

Patterns and Abstracts

Carpet of Seduction
She left without
The waiting room
Norwegian Wood
Tired of hanging around

Where I was and what I saw (see the Travels page on my website)

NO-Briksdal gletsjer
USA - Las Vegas
USA - Valley of Fire state park
BE - Leffinge


Quite Happy
Games for Rainy Days
Seeking protection
Brother-Sister Hug
Created By
Bruno Flour


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