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Facebook: /harderdevotion or /DanielHarder87

Twitter: @Harder_Daniel

Website: www.harderdevotion.com

Born and raised in Germany, Daniel was first introduced to the fitness industry at the age of 16. It was his means to improve his lower body strength as he was a professional mountain biker. He quickly realized that exercising did not only help him in his career as an athlete but it also contributed to gaining confidence and an overall better health. He was born and raised in Tuebingen. A smaller city with about 70,000 citizens close to Stuttgart in Germany. Daniel grew up with my parents and three older sisters. At an early age Daniel's parents tried to get him into many different kind of sports. He tried several without any real connection to any of them, until he acquired his first mountain bike at the age of 14. It did not take him long to get serious with mountain biking. At 15 Daniel did his first competition. At 16 he turned into a professional mountain biker, as this was the reason he joined a fitness club, to improve his lower body strength. Daniel wanted to speed up his success and started to read fitness magazines and books about training and nutrition.

At the age of 21, since it took so much time, Daniel took a break from mountain biking. Since then he has spent almost every day lifting iron and forging his body.

Daniel's first fitness competition was back in 2013. He competed at the German IFBB Men's Physique Class.

In 2015 Daniel changed federations to his new and current Home - The WBFF (www.wbffshows.com). He feels way more connected with the Federation. The people are very supportive and friendly. The shows are stunning and it is the future of fitness competitions.

Between the ages of 21 and 28, Daniel worked as an engineering technician. During his free time he continued with his education in fitness.

Over the years Daniel has collected more than 13 (current level/more coming up) different kind of certifications about training, nutrition, rehab and business. Back at home Daniel was the owner of a supplement store and in the year 2015 he started his own Fitness clothing brand (Harder Devotion).

Since 2016, Daniel has been living in Houston TX and working full time in fitness, one-on-one personal training, strength training, individual diets and nutrition and contest preparation for men and women.


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