The Divine: a play Blake Trauschke watched February 6, 2017

The Spatial Experience

I went to a later performance, and my experience was much more intimate than expected. It was performed essentially as a black box performance. It was much easier for this play with them going around the theater and including the audience without directly interacting with a spectator. I have never been inside Constans Theatre before this performance. The theatre was more beautiful than what I was expecting since I have seen other lecture halls at UF. As a musician, I was excited to see where to play would take me during the night as the lights dimmed just like when I perform. It was a nice theatre that really made me feel one with the play.

The Social Experience

Four brothers, a sister, and a honorary watch a play together... I attended the play with three of my line brothers from my co-ed band fraternity and one of my line sisters from our joint sorority. Dr. Birkner also attended the same performance with us. He is not only our band director in Gator Band and my concert band director this semester, but he is our Good Life professor and an honorary brother and sister of our organizations. The performance was right after my other band ensemble, so I went to my dorm, grabbed my purse, and left. Attending with my friends was amazing to be able to talk through my opinions of the play and to have someone there to verify the harder points of the performance. Sharing this experience brought us closer as line brothers and sisters. Dr. Birkner called us his friends the next day in class, and that's all the validity I need in my life.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

I am going to be honest in saying there were way to many layers and themes to this play. They had themes of corruption in the church, politics of the church, the change of theater to discuss social issues, child labor, sin, the working class, death, breaking of the fourth wall, and many more things that I have not even dreamed of. I did not know anything of the play itself before going, but I am knowledgeable in most of the themes that occurred. The only thing I have little knowledge of is the aspects of theater history that were being touched upon. It did make me want to know more about the trends that carried on afterward. However; the message I understood from the end of it? Canada is bad.

The Emotional Experience

The play touched on the taboo subject of not only child rape but child rape within the church. As a Christian, I hear about these things, and it disgusts me. Christianity is about love and safety. A child should never have to experience anything like that. In the play, the brother did not want the main character to confess why he beat up that older priest because it would look badly upon the main character and his family. He was a victim. He should never be ashamed of someone else attacking him. Society has changed since then as to not ostracize victims, but we are still working on treatment of these people. They also discussed how child labor was a necessity in lower class families since the parents were being paid so little. It is a scar upon the early twentieth century how many children suffered because of poor working conditions. How these characters brought out each issue was unique in itself, but does anyone know the significance of Florida oranges?

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