Revolutions in technology By cameron persin

Industrial revolution

The first Industrial Revolution began in Great Britain after 1750. There were maney factors that made Britain a great place for industrialization. Some of those reasons are Agricultural, financial institutions, mineral resources which made Britain a great place for a industrial revolution.
One of the biggest technological advances was the steam engine which could be put on trains. When trains had a steam engine they could travel farther in a shorter amount of time.
Pro: because of the industrial revolution we were able to produce more than ever before. There were also more jobs.
Cons: one of the biggest mistakes that were made was having kids work in the factory's.
Social media
Causes: what caused social media is the need for people to interact with each other.
Technological Developments: the creation of smart phones brought social media to a record high and that number is still growing. The reason that phones are pushed social media is that being able to be on the move and share the story
Pro: it gives people away to interact with each other. Con: social media is a time waster.
Vertural reality revolution
Causes: as technology gets better we as humans what to experience more and more so by making vr systems we could experience what we normally could not.
Technology development: technology is always geting better, whether it be more storage or stronger methods.
Pro: will be able to use this for all kinds of trainings. We could also use this in different situations from war to medical. Con: vr could be a major time waster. Could be devastating for countless of people if used incorrectly.
The end

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