learning from experiances

  • boo radley would put stuff in the trees for scout in jem to find, there were treasures in this tree, where the kids would go and grab these treasures boo radley put out for them, jem and scout had an idea about who was doing this so they just went with it.

scout walked boo radley home one night and as he went into his house and shut the door behind him, scout stood on his porch and saw what he saw from his perspective of the neighborhood, and she now realizes things and why he did what he did for the neighborhood and no body new it was him

when Mrs, moutties house caught on fire scout was standing out by here house as the whole neighborhood joined and scout felt something go around her and it was a blanket that boo radley put on her.

when i was a little girl and my mom and her boyfriend got into an argument and i didn't like to here it and we were all having a bad day, so my mom went over to her friends house across the street and minutes later she brought me three little kittens, i was so happy and they where all mine, so when my mom and her boyfriend would argue i wouldnt pay attention to them i waould just

i never realized how much my mom would do for me to get me to the right place, i always thought she was mean and was to rude to me, but she was just tired of doing all this work but at the same time she wanted me to be happy, so she got me things and tried her hardest and now i realize what she meant


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