TWIN PEAKS By: Marina Wooden

Project Proposal: My theme for this project is 'Twin Peaks'. For those of you who haven't heard of the show, it revolves around the experiences of an FBI agent in a fictional town in Washington called 'Twin Peaks', where many strange things start happening beginning with the death of a girl named Laura Palmer. The show was filmed from 1990-91, and I personally think it is one of the most artistic shows of all time. I also think living in Washington will give me the advantage of being able to take more nature shots.

This theme peaked my interest (pun intended) because I really like the show and I have a lot of ideas on what I could do for this project. Most of the actors/characters in the show look like they are in their 20’s and 50’s, and I don’t really know anybody of that age, so I’ll have to use little to no faces. To me this project doesn’t have any personal meaning, I really just think it’ll be fun to do. I hope people will want to watch the show after they see my images. (It’s really good.)

Cover Art
Fill the Frame
Rule of Thirds
Leading Lines
Color Psychology

Artist's Statement

Twin Peaks is one of my personal favorite shows. I love how the whole show is so much like a twisted nightmare. I watched it once a few months and I was so confused, but then recently I came back to it and things started making more sense (as much sense as they could make anyway.) One thing, however, that really caught my eye this time around was the artistic execution of the show. Everything was different shades of red. I wonder if they just had film that made everything look slightly red, or if they planned everything out to make it slightly red.

I also chose Twin Peaks because I felt like it really embodied Washington State. Even today, 26 years later so much has stayed the same. I thought, as a Washington resident, that I could use this to my advantage. A few days after this project was assigned my father drove me to Camas/Washougal to take some nature shots, and the only one that even looked anything like the northern Washington landscape was the first photograph in this collection. I realized that maybe there was a difference between southern Washington and northern Washington. In the beginning I also planned to take some pictures representing characters, which I did, but didn't include because they looked nothing like I had originally planned. Overall, the finished product is much different from what I had originally planned, but I think it turned out just as good.

Framing Devices
Black and White

Autobiography: My name is Marina Mamaeva. I was born January 17th 2003 in Vancouver, Washington. Since I was born into a Russian-American family, I speak both Russian and English. Because of my bilingualism my parents enrolled me in a special dual-language immersion program in Portland, Oregon at the time I was supposed to go to school. A few months into school my teacher had encouraged my parents to let me skip a grade, which I did.

When I was 7 I started attending after-school classes at Medallion Art School. I think this is one of the things that influenced my photography. To elaborate, I only took serious, set-up photographs when I had a certain idea I wanted to draw, or when I wanted to legally sell my artwork. Except for that, I had no reason to take photos, I wasn't in yearbook, and photography classes just weren't offered in Portland.

Fast forward a few years and I am attending HeLa High School in Vancouver Washington due to some financial problems. I chose HeLa because here I could better my chances of pursuing a career in forensic pathology, something I've wanted since I was 9. Before enrolling in photo 1 and yearbook, I had absolutely little interest in photography. I can't say that I'm inspired by any photographer, but I think I will consider photography in the future, not as a career but possibly as a hobby.

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