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Tips On Proper Typing Form and Why You Should Learn to Type

What is proper typing form?

Proper typing form includes body position, posture, and hand, finger, and wrist positions. You should be sitting straight, body centered with the G and H keys, shoulders relaxed, and feet flat on the ground. Your fingers should be bent and upright. While your wrists and arms should be positioned naturally, low but off the keyboard, arms parallel, and elbows hanging close to the body.

Touch Typing

Touch typing requires you to watch the screen rather than the keyboard when typing. Certain fingers are assigned to certain keys. You learn to type without watching the keyboard. You learn how to feel for the keys.

Benefits of Typing

Knowing how to properly type is crucial for many reasons. Those reason varying from health, use of technology, employment, timeliness, and effectiveness and efficiency.


When you do to have to look at your keyboard in order to type you drastically cut down your overall typing time. With touch typing and proper typing form you are enabled to type more words per minute. Wordpress.com states, "A touch typist can easily reach typing speeds above 75-80 words per minute, while a hunt and peck typist would be hard pressed to reach 30 words per minute." Overall improving your efficiency and timeliness.

Effectiveness and Efficiency

With improve timelines comes upgraded effectiveness and efficiency. The benefits of not having to look at the keyboard when typing and rather watching the screen you improve you speed as well as the quality of your work. You have less errors, and when they are made you are subsequently able to fix the error and continue with your work as you go. your accuracy also goes up with proper form and touch typing.


Our world is now becoming completely engrossed in technology. Between computers, iPad's, phonemes, and every new gadget on the market we are exposed to technology more than ever. Technology is present in education, employment fields, and even your home life. Proper typing form and skills aid you in better adhering to technology. You are better equipped to get full use of your tech.


In our generation most jobs encase technology. Computer skills are used on a continuos basis within work fields. Employers often require computer skills and a certain typing speed to even be considered for some positions. Employers want timely, efficient, and skilled employees. Proper typing skills gives you a higher stake in getting hired.


Typing poses series health risks. Fatigue, street injuries, and posture are just some areas where your health can be drastically affected. Typing can be exhausting, mentally and physically, to do for long periods of time. Proper typing form eliminates some of the excursion put on the body when typing. First mentally, it keeps you from having to focus on two things at once. You no longer have to focus on finding the individual keys, you only have to worry about the output. . Physically, it keeps you from having to bend your head, hunch your shoulders, or be your back over the keyboard to find your next couple of keystrokes. Touch typing eliminates risk of stress injuries and injuries such as carpel tunnel.

How to learn to type//Software

There are many web-based softwares and programs designed to aid you in learning to type. Websites commonly used include : - Goodtyping.com

- 10-fast-fingers.com

- Typingweb.com

- TypeRacer

- Typeonline.co.uk

- TYping.com


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