Letter for Mark Twain By Gabriel Pothier

Dear Mark Twain, I read your book "The adventure of Tom Sawyer" and I liked it because it was a good story and the characters were interesting. But, there were somethings I disliked. Like the end of the story, I would have liked an after, or little facts in the story.

I very liked Tom, for his side manipulates and the other courageous. He is intelligent, courageous, and small time, little bit weird. On the other hand, I disliked the fact that Tom suddenly decide to find a treasure without reason apparently.

The rest of the story was good, I liked Huck because he was curious and weird. But I disliked the that Huck lived in the street because that's not funny for him. So, I think he was a good person.

Thank's you, Mark Twain, to read my letter. I hope you will like it. Goodbye, Gabriel Pothier


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