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Dry, Oily, Normal, Combo, Acne, Aging, Large Pores, Flaky, Hormonal Acne....

So many topics to choose from and it's extremely overwhelming to decide exactly what you should and shouldn't be doing with your skin. I've put together a simple way of knowing what will work for you, but before we get started I want to chat a second about why using formulated for your skin type is so important in not making it worse!

26 seconds is all it takes for the ingredients in your skin care products to absorb into your bloodstream. The majority of all skin concerns are usually problematic because of the ingredients used and for the actual type of skin you have.

As a 12+ year Cosmetologist/Esthetician and Instructor, I have seen so many people telling me what their skin type is and in all reality, it is actually not what they think. And unfortunately I was one of those people.

As you may recall, I had hormonal acne that I was dealing with prior to Posh. I was using products with Parabens, Sulfates and as you can tell was wreaking havoc to my skin. It was painful, embarrassing and quite frankly hard to deal with. I had multiple people make comments to me while working at Ulta. The comments were hurtful.

  • She should take her own advice.
  • Wash your face.
  • Ever heard of Clearasil before.

I was mortified. Since switching to Posh, I have gained back my confidence and my skin feels so much better. The proof is in my personal results.

I had a noticeable difference within a week of switching to myself, people started commenting on about week 6 that it was improving and looking better!

Scroll through the varying parts of each skin type. If you need assistance figuring out what your skin type is, send me a selfie and lets get to work on discovering what your skin is needing/lacking. More ingredient based info will be coming soon! Keep an eye out for it!

Dry Skin

Usually appears to be flaky, tight, no dewyness, matte looking, flat, possibly some acne present.

  • Remove makeup first- Bare It All Wipes or Liquid!
  • Cleanse with BFF (it's what I used to combat my oily, dry and acne) its the best!!!
  • Never Grow Up Serum -loaded with argan and olive oils.
  • Serves You Bright Creme- Brightens the dull-blah look.
  • Hot & Gold Mask- 1-2x per week to enhance moisture and supple skin giving it the nutrients it needs!
  • Whole Lava Love a more deluxe exfoliating treatment with spearmint and lava and charcoal.
  • If you need a more intense exfoliation - Call It Even (our 1 min microderm is what baby butt soft is made of)
Bare It All Wipes & Whole Lava Love Exfoliator

Oily Skin

Shiny appearance, very dewey - wet looking. Usually have larger pores & blackheads.

A little goes a long ways! This is the perfect amount for a full face cleanse!
  • Right Back At Ya: Cleanser/mask combo perfect for drying out the right amount of oil.
  • Well Adjusted Skin Toner: Balance the pH of your skin. (using something too acidic or to alkaline can be too much for oily skin) This helps to keep it balanced!
  • Nothing Phases Me Serum: helps to remove dirt and sebum that clog your pores.
  • Ice Queen: Peeling face mask that removes pore clog gunk.
  • Pore Chores: (my best seller) kaolin clay helps to balance and remove buildup in the pores. Perfect for those pesky black heads and large pores you can see from a mile away -when really you are the only one that sees them! ;)
  • Call Your Shrink: glycolic acid removes skin and dead cell buildup which causes the blockages in the first place.
yes, I find myself hilarious! HAHA

There is a common myth about using oil and moisturizer for oily skin! It's actually a good thing to use because oils mix well together. And it helps the sebaceous (oil) glands to not work as hard! It is a little bit of an adjustment factor, but you can truly do it if you want to have less oil and less strawberry seed looking nose!

Combo Skin

Tired skin is what I like to call it. Tired of using 900 different products to combat part of the problems you face. Tired of spending money on things that don't work and tired of having to keep fighting the odd places that you have troubles with.

  • Bright Young Thang: gentle foaming/gel cleanser -No exfoliants in this one. Perfect to alternate between exfoliating. (what I use)
  • BFF Face Wash: Gentle can be used every day exfoliating scrub. (only use 1x per day) rotate with bright young thang at night so you don't over exfoliate.
  • Well Adjusted Toner: to help balance the more oily areas (T zone)
  • Moisturize 911: Brightening the dull dry, gross, plus tighten the premature aging that is starting, lightweight so it's not heavy feeling on your skin.
  • Pick Up Lines: (best seller for me) Instant fix of puffy mombie eyes, can't sleep because I've been doing the magic art of tidying up the last two weeks and just those of us who are lucky to have it in the gene pool!
BFF face wash. PS don't mind my sweaty hair.

Normal Skin

Not too oily or too dry, a very occasional breakout, nothing too crazy

  • Bare It All Wipes: Remove the sweat, dirt and oil from the day while you chased toddlers, ran your kids around to their various activities or your workout!
  • BFF: gentle exfoliation once or twice a week to keep breakouts at bay and to keep dead skin removed.
  • Bright Young Thang: everyday cleanser to remove dirt and cleanse your skin while keeping it youthful.
  • Moss Be Love:
  • Moisturize 911: Tighten, brighten and moisturize your skin to keep it looking healthy and plump.
Handsome needed an avo mask and hair towel too and since the ingredients are so safe- I let him!!

Aging Skin

If you are starting to notice your skin changing a little. Maybe a little gravity or sagging going on. Perhaps a little bit more pronounced smile lines, maybe some crow feet, maybe some age spots, then this is the perfect routine for you!

I think I'm funny! Please don't put jalapeno's under your eyes. Instead use these ones for aging skin!
  • Egg On Your Face Cleanser: 1st most important step is to remove make up from your face and cleanse the skin. This one is full of probiotics, to give you a boost of nutrients, and to help flush out the bad things like smog and pollution.
  • Call It Even: Microdermabrasion in one minute! Your skin will not know what hit it. It's sooo smooth and soo affordable.
  • Pick Up Lines: soothing eye cream to reduce puffiness, sooth tired eyes, and help to brighten under eye area.
  • Gilt Trip- Packed and loaded with anti-aging ingredients. You will notice a difference in the first 3 uses. It's BOMB!!!
  • Impress Me Serum/Moisturizer. Velvety soft texture that is sure to make your wildest skin dreams come true.
  • Block It Like It's Hot SPF: The 3rd most important step- protecting your skin from the sun's damaging rays UVA & UVB. Sunscreen up everytime you go outside even if it's just 5 min or cloudy!
Cucumber eye masks? Yes please!

Men's Skin Care

Get your man's face looking fly whether it's clean-shaven, or want to be bearded. Keep it moisturized and looking fresh without a 12 step system! Plus he will be secretly stealing yours- so you may as well get him his own!

- The face my husband made when I caught him with a stripper!
  • Bromance: Face cleanser made for a man's skin that is generally more oily. Helps to balance out and keep the overproduction of oil at bay. Also helps to get a closer shave and reduce the amount of ingrown hairs.
  • Rebound Mask: Yup you read that right, men need pampering too! Face mask just for him without the fruity foo foo smells.
  • Under Control: Pressed serum-men don't like lotiony things. If it feels like something is left over on their skin-they just won't use it again. This pressed serum is mattifying and leaves no residue on their skin. It will help to hydrate them after shaving (similar to aftershave) and leave them feeling clean and fresh.
  • Gender Bender Body Polish: A quick fix for stinky feet, armpits and boy funk after working a hard day at work or at the gym but with a little extra scrubby then just a soap!
  • Hunk Chunk Soap Chunk: no cow fat found in this chunk! Your man will notice a difference in his skin after making the switch! No dry, itchy skin any more!
  • Chilly Willy: Minty scrub/body wash to help detox

Don't forget all of our products are buy 5 get the 6th free! Take advantage of getting your skin into the right system it needs and save a few bucks to splurge on those shoes you've been eyeing! You deserve it!

Serious confidence and self esteem boost the last 4 years since I switched my skin care routine! I love myself and I love my skin!

Have more questions? Come and ask!

xo - holli johnson

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