Rome Geography PicCollage By: Umair Hussain

Tiber River

The Tiber River was a fresh water source for the Romans and it was also an access to the whole Mediterranean world. This was good because the Tiber River was a way to the Mediterranean world, but Rome was far enough from the Sea so the Romans could avoid raids made by pirates. Romans could also easily cross the Tiber River. Because of this, Rome became a stopping place for people traveling North or South in Western Italy. This could make the government make Tiber River an important part of Rome and they could allow people to start selling fish there.


The Alps are a huge mountain range that crosses the top of the country. It has long glacier lakes that cross it. This provided the Romans fresh water to drink, food to eat, and protection. This blocked out Rome from any other country and gave them a way to avoid any type of danger. This could allow the government to not be concerned about this area because of its protection.


The Apennines stretch around the whole peninsula. It is also another source of protection. The West of the Apennines has wooded hills that are the home of many moments of Romes history. Olives, almonds, and figs are often grown here. It is like a part of Romes nature. This could allow the government to have goods that they could trade with other countries.

MediterraneanĀ Sea

The Mediterranean Sea kept the Romans safe and it was also a way to trade with other countries. It is another source of protection form any danger and could be used as a source of food and water. People could use water and other building materials to make homes for their families and them. It was also a place where people could sell fish and trade. This would make the government think that their people are getting enough food and the trading would make the country richer and richer.

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