Children in the Elizabeth era By: Traci

Children were always expected to be perfect angels if they stepped out of line they would be badly punished so the children would always behave.

boys and girls looked the exact same until the boys reached the age of 6 then they would get a pair of pants and have an coming of age party so you can see why they wanted to grow up faster then we want to in the modern time.

boys would go to school and girls would learn how to be house wives they were not allowed to go to school and if you could not afford school then you worked in the field with your father.

babies would be wrapped up because it was ¨unhealthy¨ to use your limbs at such a young age people believed in this so the children would be tightly wrapped up

All children were brought up to obey and respect their parents and be very polite to them they would always have to stand when talking to their parents and were never to interrupt them.

Fathers were to ¨correct¨ their children even if it meant beating them to teach them how to behave properly.

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Parents would sell their children to rich people for money and boys would be helpers for their families they would work as helpers for blacksmiths

children were dressed as the adults at young ages. the fathers were to to be strict with their children if they were misbehaving

wet nurses were women that fed the baby while the mother rested in bed to be a wet nurse your infant would have had to die. the nurses would have to give the baby undivided attention.

Many mothers did not survive giving birth the most leading cause was an infection in the mother this would cause a fever and the mother would die within a month after the child was born.

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