Waylon Jennings


Waylon Jennings was born in littleback Texas in 1937 on June 15. He was first discovered by buddy holly and was able to play music with him before buddy's plane crash. Jennings got into the outlaw country genre in the early 1970s and played in the supergroup The Highwaymen. In the early 1980s he got addicted to cocaine and he said he would spend 1500 dollars a day on the drug. The addiction made him unable to sit still with his family and his son. He later reflected on this after he got sober.

Courageous act

Obviously the fact the he wanted to spend time with his family is a pretty big motivational tool. He also had many health problems due to it and prolonging his life is a bonus. His son shooter was his biggest motivation he said. Waylon had to sacrifice his music and tours while he took a month and a half hiatus to detoxin himself. He got completely clean of cocaine addiction in 1984 and also ended his smoking habit in 1988.


Waylon's perseverance through his addiction has inspired many people including me. My problems all seem very small and unimportant compared to cocaine addiction. If someone can get clean of something so serious and intense as his addiction it makes me feel like I can overcome anything. This definitely tells me not to get close to any illegal substances because they can corrupt and destroy great people. It makes challenges like making good grades and keeping up on my schoolwork seem very easy.



http://tasteofcountry.com/waylon-jennings-troubled-country-stars/ by Billy Dukes


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