Hello Aviramp! All about me and my work. Scroll down for more.

Thank you for sharing your creative campaign brief with me. I've put this presentation together to explain a bit more about who I am and what I can bring to the party for Aviramp in 2020 and beyond.

I am Steve Price. An independent graphic designer and writer. I’ve spent my 30+ year career working in the Midlands for local, national and international clients of all shapes and sizes.

I've conceived ideas and followed them through to be every kind of output imaginable – from beer mats to national TV campaigns and everything in-between.

I love getting under the skin of a business and collaborating with the people that make it work to find out why it exists. What niche it occupies in a busy crowded world where everyone is screaming to be heard.

More at steveisacreative.com

Work example #1: Pitch Consultants. Rebrand

Pitch is a boutique recruiter that started out as a marketing and communications specialist. 12 years on and Pitch have added many more strings to their bow. Pitch asked me to refresh their brand to better reflect their more rounded offer.

Thanks to overzealous practices from some quarters, the recruitment industry’s reputation is often not positive. Pitch always strives to do business the right way. No shortcuts. They wanted to be perceived as a competent player in the market, with a track record of placing senior roles, while retaining their ‘boutique’ persona.

When it came to creatively executing Pitch’s brand truth in narrative, one word jumped off the page from my notes. Soul.

To do something with soul means to commit to it absolutely. Not only to be dedicated to the thing, but more importantly to care for, love and cherish it. 'Soul' came out of wanting to say something akin to ‘human’ without resorting to that overused cliché. It immediately felt accurate and believable for Pitch.

‘Heart and soul in every role’ said so much – not to mention some delightful and memorable alliteration. It speaks of the duty of care that Pitch puts into every post they fill. Be it junior, senior, full-time part-time, whatever the scenario.

When it came to the logo itself, in my initial doodling, I made the ’t’ in Pitch a ‘plus’ symbol. This suggested a pleasing synergy that could bring the wordmark and ‘Heart and soul in every role’ together in an ownable way. In development, the ‘+’ took on a life of its own becoming a useful asset in Pitch’s brand toolkit, extracted as a single mark or a repeating pattern.

The Pitch brand went live in December 2019. Read the brand guide here.

"But Steve, you're not an agency."

How can I offer an serious alternative to all that manpower?

First, I'm vastly experienced. Over 30 years continuously in the marketing and communications industry as a creative.

I know project management. As well as the creative bit, I'm pragmatic toward client wants and needs and I know how to keep projects on track.

I have a huge network. From web development, to film-making, to PR and social, and pretty much anything else, if I can't do it, I know someone who can.

Work example #2: Wasps Rugby. Season membership campaign 2019-2020

I’m a bit of a sport nut so I was stoked when Wasps came calling. Originating from Sudbury back in 1924, Wasps should have been a founder member of the original rugby union league in England. But they missed the meeting due to going to the wrong pub. Well, we’ve all been there haven’t we?

More latterly, Wasps made the Ricoh Arena in Coventry their home back in 2014 to much furore and no little controversy. The Wasps crowd are a lively bunch with a great deal of fans still making the trip up to the Ricoh from the London ‘burbs for home games.

Rugby Union is known for its accessibility at club level and Wasps are particularly good at this. Fans young and old can get close to the players and getting deep into the club is actively encouraged which generates a warm and welcoming family atmosphere.

With this campaign I’ve sought to put the idea out there that everyone involved is a vital component of the Wasps team. From the player with the ball to the kid on the edge of his seat watching and dreaming. And everyone in between.

Who I work with.

I work mainly directly for SMEs and startups – the lifeblood and backbone of our economy. I'm fascinated by their stories and passionate about helping them to grow.

I also work directly for creative agencies and design studios from time to time.

I'm passionate about our industry and fundraising so I volunteer some of my time to help run not-for-profit networking group, the Birmingham Publicity Association. We are currently raising funds for Acorns Children's Hospice.

Work example #3: Coop Pharmacy. Viagra Connect launch

A Sky AdSmart TV campaign for Coop Pharmacy to announce the launch of the newly deregulated 30mg Viagra pill from Pfizer. Marketed under the name Viagra Connect.

The centrepiece of the campaign was a 30-second TV spot expanding on the idea that everyone has a pet-name for their ‘old chap’ – and we had a lot of fun coming up with suggestions.

A series of perky gentlemen and couples confess their own terms of affection suggesting that no matter what you call it, you can now feel good about it.

Here, we have two brands that couldn’t be further apart, brought together in a charmingly British way. Viagra Connect is all about confidence and feeling good about yourself. Coupled with a trusted brand like Coop Pharmacy only reinforces to that confidence.

Yes, of course there's a bloopers reel.

I make a pretty decent cup of tea.

But I've also worn lots of different hats over the years:

  • Setting up and running artwork studios;
  • Orchestrating successful pitches for international clients against world-class competition;
  • Designing and project managing enterprise-level web builds;
  • Devising and curating complex brand roll-outs for public and private sector organisations;
  • Co-founding and nurturing a successful creative agency from nothing;
  • Being Creative Director of an agency with offices on opposite sides of the world;
  • And I’m always ready to try on something new. Most recently, I’ve discovered I’m a fairly handy speech writer.

Work example #4: Foster Care Associates. The crisis on your doorstep

People think fostering is someone else’s problem and becoming a foster carer is a prolonged journey. This campaign makes fostering an urgent and personal problem. Insight tells that this type of messaging is a powerful catalyst for action – to the right people.

With up-to-date stats about the fostering crisis in their region, we make people feel like they need to take action to help local children – now.

The image of a front door makes no judgement as to what a typical foster child, or carer, looks like – there isn’t one. Anyone could be at the door needing help. Anyone could be behind the door offering that help.

The door is a powerful symbol of hope and every potential carer has a home — with a door. We ask those people to open their doors and let a child in – helping to solve the crisis on their doorstep.

Above: An animatic for a Sky AdSmart TV campaign we almost got away. Shame really. Could have been a sweet ad.

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Work example #5: Flightcase Warehouse. Can you guess what they make?

Based in Tamworth, Staffordshire, Flightcase Warehouse have been making those iconic boxes for over a quarter of a century.

Since their first box, the company now supply pretty much every type of protective case you can think of – both custom-made and imported from dedicated suppliers in China under their Spider Cases brand.

These boxes end up containing all sorts of valuable items from the music equipment that's synonymous with the product, famous sporting trophies and even a fully assembled F1 race car.

I sought to give the company's advertising and marketing an irreverent edge and give their flagship product a brand of its own – Pro Flightcase.

I'm looking forward to showing you my thinking on Aviramp's 2020 creative campaign. Thank you.