Games with Purpose by Alyssa pryor and chris molina

What are "games with a purpose"?

"Games with purpose" are games that do more than just entertainment, they can do things like help others learn.

How are they used?

They are games that you play and it will reinforce a skill or help teach a skill, all you usually have to do is follow the directions.

Who is the audience?

The audience depends on the game but usually the audience is anyone who wants to play or learn the skill.

What are some examples? Be specific: What is the game and how is it used?

Full Steam Ahead- You do challenges by making different ships, you have to make good ships. You are graded by stars.

Hackstage Pass- You play an obstacle runner and you can adjust the code of the game to make the characters time easier when avoiding the objects. You click on specific section of the screen to do tasks like jump slide and smashing objects. If you mess up you go into the "hack" screen where you can edit the code. Your goal is to get all of the DJ equipment for each person.

Code Fred: Survival Mode- You provide the nessisary things to make Fred survive. You do things like give oxygen to muscles and adrenaline to organs. The game would help people learn what functions the body does and such.

Created By
Alyssa & Chris Pryor & Molina


Created with images by Nick Kenrick.. - "Ronda Andalucia"

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