Presidential Influence Why President Jerry Falwell needs to be more mindful of his words on a national level

Liberty University 1989: An Overview


Liberty University 2016: An Overview

Boasting many different forms of student housing, Liberty University spans over 7000 acres and has tens of thousands of students. President Jerry Falwell is responsible for a large portion of the growth of the school in the past decade.
Liberty University is the World's Largest Christian University: therefore we are called to be ambassadors for Christ.
2 Corinthians 5:20 calls Christians to be aware of their every action because they represent not only their fellow believers, but Christ himself.

Images like this...

Lead to satire like this...

...Causing division and strife, which are the opposite of what we are called to accomplish-unity under the truth of the Gospel.

Liberty is no longer the small, non-influential bible institution it was back in the late 20th century.

More time = more influence

Therefore, the amount of influence President Falwell has now is not even remotely proportional to the influence he had even ten years ago, and...

...His words and actions need to follow in line with that fact.


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