Maira Medrano English 1302-04

I am 21 years old and I take life step by step. I enjoy traveling and trying new things. I am one course away from finishing my Associate's Degree in General Studies. I am addicted to chocolate cake and can eat buffalo bone in wings any time any day. I am an animal lover and would spend all day with my pets if I could. I am a people's person and enjoy socializing with others; which is why I believe it is important to have good communication skills. I feel that this semester was a very productive one for me because I pushed through every course and I was able to finish what I started. I definitely got a good a feeling of what it is like coming back to school and learning something even if it was just one thing from each class, that is what I am here for. I got off to bad start early in the semester, but I picked up the pace and managed to end with decent grades. I struggled talking in front of my classmates, but I feel that it was necessary to become a better writer. I might have not been the best student in your English class, but I really enjoyed being a part of it.
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Maira Liseth Botello Medrano

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