Design for Print and Screen Learning Journal

My Background

My career is corporate training. I have been a corporate trainer for about 19 years. I did not ever intend to be in training. I was out of work, looking for a job... an opening for a trainer at a company a friend worked for... I went through the interview process simply because I desperately needed a job. Part 2 of the interview was a presentation to what would be my peers. I discovered how much I enjoyed teaching and speaking in front of others. So essentially I was lucky that I fell into a job that not only lead me to a career... but I am doing something that I enjoy.

Assignment 1

Create a simple spread page recipe document using Adobe InDesign. Include images and text.

Assignment 1 - conclusion

I created a recipe document for baked French fries. I found the project to be fairly simple and straight forward. I believe that my knowledge of other Adobe products such as Photoshop, really helped with my understanding of InDesign. I think that someone with less experience with some of the tools such as; (layers, type tool, etc.) might struggle more. Even with my Adobe product experience, I did have to review the Skill Builder Class 1 InDesign basics video a few times to catch where the instructor was clicking for specific menus. Overall I found this first assignment a good learning experience.

Assignment 2

Create a band poster that incorporates design elements using Adobe InDesign. Include images and text.

Assignment 2 conclusion

I found the second assignment a bit more challenging. I had difficulty figuring out gradients within InDesign, so I first edited my images within Photoshop to get the effect that I desired, before placing on poster within InDesign. Overall I am happy with the outcome.

Course conclusion - Reflection

​I found this course to a very basic introduction in to InDesign and design elements. I really enjoyed the relaxed freestyle training provided within this course. Learners have the option of spending as much time/effort on their individual project assignments. Some people obviously mailed it in and completed the minimum... others spent a significant amount of time trying to get their projects just right.

I admit to being somewhere in the middle. I truly just wanted to learn, and understand how to use InDesign. But I did not want to spend hours and hours on assignments. I am very pleased with how this course was designed. As a corporate trainer, I hope to use some this training style in my future work assignments.

Overall I am very happy with this course, and I plan on completing several more!

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