Before the Titanic by: Ben Squires

"Hey Arthur stop Taking the Piss on Your sister Ada again!" Arthur's mum said.

"See Arthur stop taking the mickey on me!" Ada said.

"Fine" he said.He was just so exited that in just a fortnight he would be going on the famous RMS Titanic.

"And if you don't start tickling those ivories You won't be able to have biscuits."


"Then start tickling those ivories"

20 minutes later

"Mum I need help!", Arthur yelled

"Well I don't know the onions for piano." His Mum replied

After piano pratice

Arthur said, "Mum, can I go to the store, please?"

"Fine", His Mum replied Then he left his flat and walked to the store with his money. As he was walking to the store he realized that someone just stole his money, he turned around and saw a young scrappy boy darting around the corner.

Arthur then said, "I caught you Bang to Rights!" then the boy just started faster and Arthur ran after him.

Soon after the chase Arthur cornered the boy and the boy said, "I don't want to get in an argy-bargy and give you a conk on the head."

Then Arthur replied angrily, "Well we will have to get in a kerfuffle then!"

When they were an old man came out off his flat and said, "Hey you kids down there what are you doing? "

Then Arthur said, "This dodgy criminal stole my money, if the fuzz found out this boy would become a lag."

Then the boy said, "That's tosh, what really happened was that he tried to pickpocket me and I got it back from him but he trapped me here. "

Then arthur yelled"look at the bag in has my signature on it! "

Then the then the man said "I'm no rozzer but let me see the bag ."

"Never!" the boy said.

"Do it" the man said

"Ughh" the boy said as he took the bag.

"There see that's my signature so give it back!" Arthur yelled

"Never! you nob." the numpty boy said.

"Give it" Arthur said gritting his teeth

"Fine" the boy said as he handed over the bag

"Thank you person on the flat."Then he left.

British words: flat=apartment,

Taking the Piss=being mean to,

nob=Person of high social status,

numpty=An incompetent or unwise person.








,Bang to Rights=Caught in the act.


,don't know the onions=don't know about it

,tickling those ivories =playing the piano


,fortnight=2 weeks

,taking the mickey=being mean to

, lag=A convict, especially one who served or is serving a long prison sentence.


Created with images by Elsie esq. - "Her name Titanic!" • Deeped & Amanda Strandh - "Piano" • Cristiano Betta - "Flats" • 3dman_eu - "males 3d model isolated 3d model full"

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