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I think that ladybugs are beneficial because if there are more aphids then that means there will be more ladybugs in the world. Aphids are not harmful to human or pets because they are sucking the bad juice out the plants.Moreover if aphids are getting killing that means we will not have ladybugs and ladybugs help us with gardening.

where do ladybugs live or stay? Ladybugs mostly come from North America and Asia that is because there are more number of aphids in north america than any other countries. Also you can find ladybug bugs in other countries but the common countries are North America and Asia.

why does it happen here? There are mostly ladybugs in America and Asia but there are not many in other places.

WHY SHOULD WE CARE? We should care about ladybugs because they help us do many thing like they help us in gardening and they save trees this is just few of them but they help us with many more stuff. If you want ladybugs to come they really like warm whether so the best time to get them is in the summer or spring time. Moreover you should care about aphids because if you kill aphids then there will be less ladybugs.

WHAT ACTIONS CAN GLENHAVEN TAKE TO ATTRACT LADYBUGS TO COME HERE? Glenhaven students should maybe help ladybugs by maybe takeing care of ladybug and treating it like a pet and keeping it safe.

If you want ladybugs to come you can flowers and herbs such as cilantro, dill, fennel, caraway, yarrow, tansy, angelica, scented geraniums to attract ladybugs to come. To attract aphids to come i have read that honeydew attracts to come here

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Created with images by siamesepuppy - "Ladybug" • Scot Nelson - "Abelmoschus manihot: Aphids" • James P. Mann - "Aphids of Plenty" • James P. Mann - "Aphids of Plenty" • Myriams-Fotos - "ladybug beetle coccinellidae"

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