Cold War Propaganda Project Ranjana Iyer & Abby simcox

As time went on after World War II, tensions rose between the United States and the Soviet Union. The Soviets started working on their own atomic bomb. Just like the US was scared of the Soviet Union bombing them, the Soviet Union was scared of the US bombing them in an effort to limit the spread of Communism. Because they were enemies of the US, the Soviet Union government wanted to spread the message to the public that the US was violent and could bomb them any time. Just like in our propaganda poster, the purpose of it was to instill fear and hatred of the US into the people of the Soviet Union, and to tell them that the US had dangerous nuclear weapons that could destroy everything. The image of a military person standing on the rubble represents what the Soviets feared the United States would do to their country and the destruction that was possible when an atomic bomb is dropped. The words represent the general attitude of the Soviet Union towards the US; it shows both their fear and determination to stop the US’s containment of Communism. From this project, I learned that the Soviet Union and the US competed for the amount and quality of nuclear weapons, and that this competition and constant threats from each other created mutually assured destruction. One country couldn’t launch their nuclear weapons without the other launching theirs, which ultimately made it so that neither wanted to launch them because both countries would be destroyed.

During World War Two The United States and Russia fought as Allies against the Axis Powers. But their relationship quickly turned sour because Russia was spreading communism all over Europe. The American citizens soon became worried because they thought that Russia was going to take over the world. In order to try to stop communism happening Harry Truman the Us president used containment to stop the spread of Communism internationally. Truman also was part of the Berlin Airlift and the Marshall plan. The purpose of the Propaganda is to alert the American people that this might happen if the problem does not get solved and to also bring worry. The image is of a house that is run down on the inside. I chose it because it shows how it is messy and ruined. It represents pain. The phrase that I used shows how bad the situation will become. It represents fear and anxiety. What I learned about the US and Soviet relationship is that it was very rocky. The Us and the Soviet union wanted to be the first in everything and were trying to get back at each other by building atomic bombs.




BBChistory/worldwars/coldwars war:postwarengagement.


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