Daniell Alnuma Dance Theatre Company A project of contemporary dance in Goa - India


Daniell Alnuma Dance Theatre Company is a project that aims the development of the contemporary dance culture in India, in both fields, artistic and pedagogic; and to involve and evolve dancers, students, artists and audience from India and abroad into an ambitious program of creativity and exchange.

This process started in 2013, when Daniell and Mohamed Alnuma had the vision and the will to build the Jungle Dance Theatre in Bahtwadi, Arambol, Goa, India.

The history of Jungle Dance Theatre

Directed by Daniell Alnuma, a dancer and choreograph and Mohamed Alnuma musician and art direct, the company receives every year dancers from India and all around the world for workshops, residency and for working on the original creations.

In collaboration with many artists, photographers, film directors, technicians and others from diverse backgrounds, from India and abroad, ambitious and high-quality creations are conceived and presented on a unique stage in Goa, India.

Beside the theatre, there are 3 dance spaces for the trainings, rehearsals, workshops and education programs.

Daniell Alnuma

A dancer, creator, choreographer and dance teacher who holds a diploma in Pedagogy and Contemporary Dance, from the National Dance Center of Lyon - France.

Mohamed Alnuma

A musician, poet, art director and researcher in Philosophy and Arts.

Daniell Alnuma Dance Theatre Company is based in Goa, India. The Company has its own home base theatre, The Jungle Dance Theatre, where creative process is taking form and is shared with the public, alongside dance classes and workshops. The company is composed of a big number of dancers from India and abroad, aiming at a leading position in hosting and diffusing the contemporary dance in India.

The company and the theatre are an attraction center that brings artists from various fields as such as photographers, film directors, painters, writers to collaborate and work together.

Videos of The Last Creation, Intensive Games Of Transformation
  • A film of Aparajita Burjwal on Daniell Alnuma Dance Theatre Company at the Jungle Dance Theatre _ Arambol, Goa, India
  • A film of Naseer Khanday _Jungle Dance Theatre_ Arambol,Goa,India A look into Daniell Alnuma Dance Theatre Company_ Intensive Games Of Transformation
  • A film of Naseer Khanday _ look into the intensive moments of the process of Intensive games of transformation by Daniell Alnuma Dance Theatre Company at the Jungle Dance Theatre
  • A day on stage behind the curtains of the Jungle Dance Theatre with the photographer David Desouza and Daniell Alnuma Dance Theatre Company around Body Of Nobody, the last creation of the Company.

To develop and evolve young dancers from India and abroad, and eventually bringing them to be part of Daniell Alnuma Dance Theatre Company.

To develop the company, and to perform high quality presentations in India and abroad.

To develop the home base of the company ( Jungle Dance Theatre, Arambol, Goa, India ) into a high quality dance cultural center and an academy.

To give the possibility for the young Indian dancers to become teachers in the company, and to be able to give workshops, classes and teachings of the repertoire, and to be a part of the spreading of the culture of dance in India and abroad.

To guide and give the dancers their own space for creation, and to give their work the opportunity to be presented in the gala shows, organized by the theatre.


A large palette of education process will be exposed to the dancers and the students, as well as the contact with various artists, teachers and musicians that will take part in the process.

Subjects that are exposed during the process of development:

Corporal expression- theatrical & musical skills ( Voice & Rhythm), Composition, Choreography, Repertoire and Performance, Techniques and Somatic's, Analyses of Movement, Anatomie, Philosophy and Art, the Poetry of Dance, History of Dance, Personal Research & Improvisation.

New Up Coming Creations
  • Intensive (II) States of Trans-Formations
  • Night Distances - The Poet
  • Body of Nobody Landscape
Recent creations that the company is performing or will rework in the near future
  • Intensive Games of Transformation
  • Body of Nobody, Gathering of Charming Creatures
  • Drops of Time
  • The Rite of Spring
For farther information:


WhatsApp: +33695019985

Facebook: daniell alnuma alter


David Desouza Aparajita Burjwal Maria Filippova Rune Abro

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