Familial ALS By, Nick Yaniz, and joey smith

Causes of ALS

People with ALS usually have higher than normal levels of glutamate,a chemical messenger in the brain.

Signs of ALS

ALS has many signs. The most noticeable ones are muscle weakness, Fatigue, and vocal cord spasms.

Stages of ALS

  • You start to feel fatigue
  • Your muscles start to weaken
  • It becomes harder to talk
  • It is hard to move you body

Who is at risk

People who are at risk, are usually people who had a family member with the disease. And some times it can develope randomly.

How many people are currently affected

About 6,000 people are currently affected in the u.s. About 100,000 people are currently affected around the world.

Famous people with ALS

  • Steven hawkins
  • Jon stone
  • Lou Gehrig

Attempted treatment for ALS

  • Advanced stem cell treatment
  • Biotechnology to help control it
  • People have tried physical therapy for minor cases

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