Pro and Con of the Renaissance Era By: Hannah murphy

"The greatest danger for the most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it." - Michelangelo


Art- During the Renaissance, art was a big part of the new era. It played a big part in trade and helped shape the culture of the new start of Europe after the Black Death.

Great Thinkers- Some of the worldest most famous thinkers were in place at this time. Thinkers such as Francis Bacon and Giordano Bruno.

Architecture- Architecture played a big part in power at this time. The biggest the buildings and monuments the more you could show off your wealth and power. People at this point also used huge piece of art in their house.

Trade- Trade in the new Era helped the culture and religion spread throughout Europe.

Inventions- During the Renaissances there were inventors who helped making the life of the people easier and more advanced. Such as Johannes Gutenberg Printing Press.


Education- During the renaissance people who were "poor" could not get an education becaus they couldnt get the books.

Money Value- Money during this time didn't have a set amount so money amounts and values would change makign trade hard.

Slavery- Even though Slavery already had pretty much ended it started up again in the Renaissance.

Womens rights- women at this time were still under the power of the man in their family. Women didnt have the right to be part of the trade.

Wars- war during this time were taken place because of the fight over choice of religion.

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