My Ideal Job

The role of a beautician is to provide expert personal care services to clients with regard to skin, hair and nails. He or she helps not only with the application of treatments but also with advising and recommending appropriate services via client consultations. Many in this position will specialise in a specific area, such as makeup or nails, and hairdressing but I would like to do makeup,nails etc.

The skills needed to be a beautician are knowledge of various beauty treatments including manicures , pedicures, facials , arm and leg massages. They would need skills on caring for the skin,hands and feet. Knowledge on the body and how it works including skin, and nail health. Knowledge of hygiene regulations they would need good knowledge on makeup And beauty products. A beautician would need good communication skills and good time management and organisational skills.

The average salary for a UK-based beautician is about £16,000 per annum, though in Inner London the figure is slightly higher. Nationwide, figures can begin at as low as £10,000 for apprenticeship posts, whilst experienced and successful individuals may see salaries in the range of £25,000 per annum.

THE POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE THINGS ABOUT THIS JOB- A positive thing about being a beautician is you would get to meet new people if they are your clients and it would not be doing the same things everyday there would be different makeup looks to do different nails on different people. The negative things about being a beautician is the money is not great but it is ok, there's also not much days off when you are a beautician because most beautician places are open all week.

Job families - The job family I got was artistic I think a beautician would be good for me because of the makeup and to do makeup as a living it would be a good thing to be artistic. The second job family I got was social and that is also good for the career I want to do becasue a beautician has to talk to there clients.

Locating your work -To be a beautician you have to find a place to have your Beaty salon and the beset places to have this would be in the town centre so it is easy to get to and lots of people see it and more people will go, also lots of people have there salons beside there house in a garage or mobile near there home and that is good so people do not have to go through the town centre or any traffic to get what they need done.


Interior design- this is a career I am interested in and in my guardian career test it said I was creative and a interior designer is creative. A interior designer is a person who designs the decoration of a room, office, restaurant etc.


Starter- £18,000 to £23,000 Experienced- £25,000 and £40,000 Highly Experienced- £45,000 or more , Freelance designers set their own rates.

What interior designers do: When an interior designer is called for an assignment, he or she should first meet with the client to get an understanding of the goals for the project and the client's needs and wants. He or she must examine the space that requires design or decoration to consider how it is currently being used and how it needs to be changed this may involve observing how people move through the room or area, and determining ways to make the space easier to use. Often, he or she will then draw up preliminary plans for the rooms redesign, including any remodeling work that will be required. Information on what materials are likely to be needed and any budget considerations may be included. In some cases, interior designers may be paid an initial consultation fee for putting together a plan.

skills - Most interior designers are trained in art or design schools, and bring a variety of talents to their profession. Being artistic, having knowledge of building codes and computer-based tools, and possessing good listening skills are all valuable assets for those who wish to have a career in interior design. Management and decision-making skills are key as well, since people in this field often work with other professionals, including builders and tradespeople, and must still make sure projects are completed on time and on budget.

While fabrics, furniture and colour may play a large role in interior design, there are plenty of other tasks that are required of interior designers — many of which may seem less like fun and more like work. Interior designers need to be educated in the history of design, the structural integrity of buildings, building codes, ergonomics, spatial concepts, ethics, psychology, computer-aided drawing (CAD) and much more

Fashion designerThe main areas of work for fashion designers are •high street fashion - this is where the majority of designers work and where garments are mass manufactured often in Europe or East Asia. Buying patterns, seasonal trends and celebrity catwalk influences play a key role in this design process. It is a commercial area and heavily media led;

ready-to-wear - where established designers create ready-to-wear collections, produced in relatively small numbers;

haute couture - requires large amounts of time spent on the production of one-off garments for the catwalk, which are often not practical to wear. Designs are usually created to endorse the brand and create a 'look'.

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