Love is in the Air By: AyonnaWinfrey

Marriage is Good for your children

A happy marriage effects the children involved. Studies show that children who live in a home with married parents are able to live longer, healthier lives. When parents divorce, their relationship with their child weakens. As previously learned, when parents divorce their children are also more likely to divorce.

Married Couples Are mentally healither

Being in a happy, healthy marriage takes a lot of stress off of an individual. Studies show that people who are in a married relationship are less depressed, less anxious, and less distressed. People in a marriage also don't experience the decrease in self esteem that divorcées experience. A good marriage would provide a mental boost.

Married men are wealthier men

Men in a marriage earn more money. Married men save better than single men because they have to consider their families and be able to provide for them. Not only are married men wealither because of better saving, but also married men tend to earn 10% to 40% more than single men. Married men also get promoted in their jobs more often than single men. Being married would be financially beneficial.

There is a link between martial status and happiness.

Being married brings more happiness into an individual's life. Based on a study marriage is 20 times more important to a person's happiness than their earnings, and 13 times more important to a person's happiness than owning a child. Overall marriage had a bigger impact on happiness than religion and parenthood.

Married couples are healthier.

A healthy marriage leads to a healthy life. Marriage has been found to be associated with decreased mortality from any cause. Good marriage helps health in ways such as married men having measurable blood markers than indicated better health outcomes, and surgical patients having a lowered risk of dying in the hospital. Being married also helps health because an individual can depend on his or her spouse to encourage and nurture him or her through illness.

Healthy marriages effects many different aspects of life in positive ways. Two people just have to love one another deeply and work through the hard times in order to gain all of the wonderful benefits marriage provides.


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