The Independent India By: m. gandhi

I, Mohandas Gandhi, will not take the endless accounts of oppression toward my people by the British. As the leader of Great Britain I can only hope that you will be sensible and will choose to do what is right as you are the ones unwelcome in our country. If immigrants were to migrate to another's country, you would usually think that the migrants would be wrongly discriminated against. Somehow that is not the case here. That leads me to believe that Britain can no longer stay in our country and we will go through as many peaceful revolts as it takes to try and get you out. We would rather have our own bad government than be controlled by a foreign one.

Why are we peacefully revolting, one might ask,? Of course the previously mentioned oppression noted to be predominant in the government and police. Also we should not be learning at school in a different language. Another reason is because of the Rowlatt acts. It is extremely unjust to arrest people with no trial. if someone is suspected to have committed a "crime" against Britain, they should have an appropriate trial before being convicted and sent to prison.

Because of these reasons I, Mohandas Gandhi, will fast to get my people and disciples to peacefully revolt so that we can finally achieve independence from the cancer of the British Empire. First, we will meet at areas of towns and hold peaceful protests with signs and banners. I will also order everyone who is under me to stop working as it will injure the British as they will have no one to run things in India. Near the end of our campaign, we will all lead the salt march. It is our duty to stop the British Monopoly over the salt industry in our own mother country. We will not settle to purchase expensive, heavily taxed imported salt when we could use the salt that is being exported within our own country that is benefiting the British. Once we reach our goal we will finally be the Independent India we were always meant to be, and we will have accomplished it using only peaceful methods.


Created with images by VinothChandar - "Mahatma Gandhi" • computer_saskboy - "Occupy Regina November 8" • Ron Cogswell - "Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Washington (DC)" • Nagarjun - "Dandi salt march" • Archives New Zealand - "Rajendra Prasad (Indian President), signed image for Walter Nash (NZ Prime Minister), 1958"

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