Gatsby Going Into the great

Nature Elements: Wind and Rain Symbolism

Because rain diminishes sunlight, it creates human emotions of darkness and depression. Rain is often used metaphorically in literature to represent discontent or to invoke a forlorn mood. Many films use rainfall to create heightened drama and a sense of foreboding, symbolizing human tears.

Wind is a sign of spiritual discovery or truth. In Native American culture, the wind is the symbol for specific clans (groups).

Gatsby's name originates from the word gat. A gat is a type of gun which fits the rebellious time period. Also, his name James means seizing power and wealth which creates the persona of this character. The idea of an all knowing, all powerful God is also part of what the name Gatsby means.
The idea of religion fits perfectly into the story as God knows all. This can be compared to Gatsby whose name means God. Also, the characters are very big into staying loyal within what they are doing showing signs of following a certain guideline or rules of an all knowing book.

Unreality of Reality: 105

The metaphor is an apt description of the depth of Gatsby's dream. To him, the dream and reality are the same thing. The reference to a 'rock' indicates stability and strength - a solid foundation on which something can be built. Gatsby tends to stray away from the reality that Daisy is unavailable and instead he focuses on what they could be if they were together.

The mysterious green light Gatsby is reaching for is all his hopes and dreams. This green light acts as a guide in the darkness to his ultimate dream of the girl.

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