THE 3D PRINTED BOAT CHALLENGE The launch of the Water-Waver

My boat is a good combination of buoyancy features that can carry mass and stability features that allowed to it to be stable in most water. First of all buoyancy is the weight of the water displacement and stability is the ability to float in the right way in troubled and untroubled water. When I built my boat I started to built it as a carrier boat to make the boat buoyancy with some mass. Some of the features of the carrier boat that I have used in my boat are round hull and lots of free spaces to make the boat weight as less as possible. Next I added the main features of multi-hull boat. The small boats that connected to the boat are making the boat stable in the water and makes the boat stay stable, and also they are helping to make it float.

The fully boat combined two types of a boat.

The boat is almost completely hollow to make it less dense as possible. Also you can see the weight under the boat for the stability.

one of the small boats that connected to the main hull.

Through the printing process the boat was too thick to the current scale. I have been adding some hot glue to the boat. The calculation will include the hot glue and not be individual to the boat itself.

The calculation of the boat

the boat will float because the weight of the boat is smaller then the buoyant force.

Some of the problems in my boat were the height of the dock above the water. Because the boat carry mass on it, it is pushing it down (gravity) and making the dock under the water, which make it sink. Some of the good things in my boat is that the boat have a small buoyancy that help to carry mass.


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