Accessible ONLINE PACKET TRACER Community Testing of PT-Anywhere during June/July 2020.


The Open University in collaboration with Cisco - created PT-Anywhere a remote, HTML5 version of the Packet Tracer simulator. This offered students and teachers the opportunity to use Packet Tracer without installing anything on their desktop computers or smart devices as part of an integrated learning experience.

Funded by the UFITrust - a course Discovering Computer Networks was created and released late 2019. Hosting 28 different remote packet tracer based micro-lab activities.

We are now working on improving the experience for vision impaired students. Ensuring that the technology will work with commonplace operating system based screen readers and NVDA.

We need volunteers during June / July 2020.

We would appreciate some volunteers, giving only one hour of your time. More if you wish ... out of the 28 labs we have created, we have sampled 13 of these for testing.

All you need to do is pick one and attempt to use it with a screen reader.

First - Please Register

Like all development projects, we need to know a little about you.

Please click on the button below and tell us more about yourself (we will not collect any confidential information).

Second, pick a lab - any lab

Please follow the button below to access the labs we have listed. Feel free to pick any at random - >>>>>>>>>>.

After this, please do scroll down as there is a FINAL stage.

Please NOTE - there are NO instructions with the labs - we are asking you to TEST the USER experience - we already know that the labs work.

We have listed the labs below for reference!

Sessions 1 - 8

  • Session 1 Part 2 Activity 4 - Intro to PTA
  • Session 2 Part 3 - Network At Home
  • Session 3 Part 2 Activity 1 - Switching
  • Session 3 Part 4
  • Session 5 Part 1 Activity 3 - DHCP Sort it out
  • Session 8 Part 1 - Network

Sessions 9 - 16

  • Session 10 Part 1
  • Session 11 Part 3
  • Session 12 Part 3
  • Session 14 Activity 1
  • Session 15 Part 1 Activity 1
  • Session 16 Part 3 Activity 8

Custom Scenarios

  • Blank Network

Finally - give us some feeback!

Academics love feedback, it gives us the opportunity to critically review your experiences.

Do not forget to use this form every time you test a lab for us.

A big heartfelt thank you from the ONLA (open networking lab accessible) team - your help is helping us help other teachers and students within the vision impaired community.

Created By
Andrew Smith


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