Double Victory of Asian & African Americans Daniel Coronado & Daniel Zhu

Asian Americans

Slogan: "Loyalty, give it to receive it."

Asian American Soldiers and the Concentration Camps

Community ~ Asian Americans

  • Treatment - Asian Americans were treated very poorly. Many others would discriminate there race on a daily basis.
  • Response - One way they dealt with this discriminative treatment was trying to prove there loyalty to them as a whole, meaning joining the war.
  • Contribution - Things the Asian Americans contributed to the cause of World War 2 was them joining the army and help fight while the women were providing medical care as nurses and doctors.

African Americans

Slogan: "Fight as one, not at odds."

African American Soldiers in combat

Community ~ African Americans

  • Treatment - How African Americans were treated was that from being segregated by other races when planning to help support for the war.
  • Response - After dealing with with there mis-treatment of the war, they choose to fight for something different and that is civil rights.
  • Contribution - What African Americans cause of World War 2 was that thousands of men and women enlisted in to army, having a bigger and better unite to fight the war.

Four Similarities

  • Both African and Asian Americans fought against prejudices from fellow Americans
  • Both Contributed a great deal to support the war
  • Both groups fought against racial practices that were happening in American
  • In both groups, women also contributed to help the United States in the war

Three Differences

  • Asians were put into concentration camps while African Americans were segregated into combat groups.
  • After the war, many Japanese Americans lost their homes while African Americans bought out their homes.
  • After the war, African American communities began to thrive significantly. While Asian Americans were still trying to gain their rights back.


  • Asian Americans - After a researching the this community for World War 2, there is significant damage to this race. Having been disrespected by everyone and not seeing them as loyal. The response was no surprise to us from them joining the war in order to show respect by the United States. All was done just to receive the approval by the U.S.
  • African Americans -¬†As for this community, after being treated poorly and segregated by most races in the United States, Our reaction was the same for them. Breaking them down even thought they sot to help in the war, there main fight was for civil rights in there community.

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