Weathering from Water And Humanity's Impact

The Claim

An increase in acid rain from human caused CO2 emissions has caused esential minerals like lime stone to be eroded away and have created acidic dirt and soil preventing plants and trees from growing and acidifying large bodies of water

Examples of acidic rain weathering.

The Rationale

An increase in CO2 and SO2 gases from human pollution raises into the atmosphere. In the atmosphere the CO2 and SO2 mixes water creating carbonic and sulfuric acid increasing the ph of the rainwater. This precipitates as acidic rain. As the rain absorbs into the soil it increases its ph this makes it hard for an ecosystem to thrive because plants are unable to thrive, water becomes polluted and existing trees are broken down and eventually die. also the landscape and rock structures that contain basic minerals like limestone are slowly destroyed. In addition this can also lead to the formation of sinkholes and other natural disasters.

The Awnser

The solution to this problem is simple. In order to reduce high amounts of acidity in our soil and bodies of water we must reduce the main cause of the acid chemical emissions. If the amount of acid rain decreases it allows ecosystems to stabilize much better both on land and in bodies of weater

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