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Specializing in exterior "blue hour" photography, as well as interior details and aerial views - Jayce Giddens photography is a one-stop-shop for your house sale needs.

Blue Hour

Listings with better pictures get more views, more calls, more visits, more offers, and ultimately that equals a faster and more expensive sale. It's simple- a small investment goes a long way.


buyers are looking for a feeling. The feeling that "this house is my future home." If they can't see the details in the pictures, they can't see themselves in there either.


buyers care about more than just the floor-plan of the home. a new countertop or Appliance that goes unseen is a wasted investment. the same goes for a great location. a sense of place with an Elevated view makes the large scale of a property Tangible for a buyer. don't send them to google earth and expect the same results.

Elevated View

if the photos in your last listing don't look anything like these, then you might be wasting your time and money. the camera-phone is handy, but ultimately is a crutch. invest in quality photography for all of your listings.

Call, email, or text to schedule a booking today. jayce.giddens@gmail.com | 541-915-4667 | www.jayceg.com

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