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November 27, 2016. Sunday: Christianity is crazy cool! Today i have traveled to the City of Bethlehem, the most known city for all Christians. I visited the Church of the Nativity. The original church was built in 339 and had an original layout of an octagon and was built directly above a cave! Later in 530, it was basically destroyed and rebuilt. The only things that were saved to give it the uniqueness it had were mosaic floors that were the main floors. When I saw they mosaic floors that the original had, I could only see them through trap doors. When I entered I went through this small door that is called the Door of Humility. I also noticed that there was a huge lintel above the arch which told me that the entry way used to be much bigger. When I started to go through the church, I saw a total of 44 columns in 4 rows. #0 of them had paintings of Mary and Jesus. The columns were made of pink limestone, most reused from the original. When I arrived to Jesus' birthplace, i saw a 14 point star embedded in the marble floor. The significance of the Church of Nativity is that it is where Jesus was born. It is where Christianity really started to spread throughout the world because God's son has just been born.

These photos are pictures of the Church of Nativity along with the three crosses.

Novemeber 30, 2016. Wednesday: Buddhism is Beautiful! Today I have reached my second destination which is Bodhgaya, Bihar, India. I have decided to visit the Mahabodhi Temple. The intention for this was to be built as a monument. The structure of the temple has four towers that rise to the side. There is one in each corner. When i walked inside, I saw a large image of Buddha, the image is supposedly 1700+ years old which is crazy it still looks good. The temple was built in the 5th or 6th century B.C which is crazy to think cause it is now the 21st century. The original temple was built in the 3rd century B.C. The temple is also made almost in all brick. People say that people have brick on their houses because of the temple. The significance for the temple is that it is a site of enlightenment which means that it is a place for wisdom and compassion. It is also where people are able to learn about existence.

These photos are representing the architectural aspects that the temple has.

December 6, 2016. Tuesday: Islam is important! I have reached my 3rd destination which is Mecca, Saudi Arabia. This was probably the toughest place to get in to because only Muslims are aloud in. With a lot of work i got in for 10 minutes and then i left in fear of what may happen if i'm caught, but the sacred site that I visited is the Kaaba. When i saw the building, it was cubed shaped draped with a silk and cotton veil. The Kaaba is the holiest shrine in all of Islam. For the Islam religion, people pray five times a day and all the prayers are directed towards the Kaaba. Muslims believe the God of Abraham and his son built it, but was later rebuilt by a tribe that ruled Mecca. The significance of the building is for worship and pilgrimage. Throughout history, the Kaaba had to be modified because of the extensive amount of people trying to worship and pray.

These photos show the extensive amount of people that visit the Kaaba to worship and pray.

December 13, 2016. Tuesday. Hinduism is Hip. My fourth destination is Banaras which is one of the towns known for the amazing hindu temples. There wasn't any specific temple that I went to because they all had the same feel to them. The architecture for the temples included a Shikhara which is a dome and temple. This represents the highest mountain peak. Next, there was the Garbhagriha which is the inner chamber where only the priests are allowed inside. Next there is a temple hall where the people usually sit and then the front porch where a bell is located announcing arrivals and departures. Don't worry, its not like an airport. The significance like any other temple or place for a religion is to worship. Usually, people only go for favorable occasions or during religious festivals.

These images are some temples that show beautiful architecture.

December 16, 2016. Friday. Judaism is jazzy. Today is my last stop before i head back home for the holidays. So the last place i visited was the western wall the temple mount in Jerusalem. This sacred site is made in huge ancient stones, he last remnant of the Temple in Jerusalem. When I had arrived to this temple there were many people. This wall was the only thing left of the temple that Herod the Great had built. It is around 1,500 feet long which is crazy long. And ranges from about 60-90 feet tall. The ancient stone made it feel unique to the religion. The wall is for people to pray just like most sacred sites, even though its not the holiest site, the holiest is actually behind it, it is still very important to all Jews. It gives them a place to celebrate and to worship.

These photos show how the people would come up to the walls and pray and celebrate. Also It shows the ancient stones.


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