Nanospc Surface protection coatings

Innovative, eco-friendly, biodegradable and easy application aimed at reducing cost and maintenance efforts

SiO2 – from the environment for the environment

Nano SPC provides a silicon dioxide (SiO2) based coating for any surface. This technology creates the possibility to surround even the smallest particle with a water and dirt repellent agent. The nanoparticles adhere to the surface, preventing other substances to attach. Forming an ultra-thin, glass-like layer, the coating guarantees a long-term durability. This is called the Lotus effect. The lotus effect is hydrophobic. This technology creates permanently coated surfaces making it water and oil repellent. These surface treatments are based on SiO2 making the lotus effect lasts much longer.

Specialised know-how in every segment NanoSPC (Surface Protection Coatings) provides durable and effective solutions for every surface.

The product line of Nano Coat is characterized precisely by an undiluted application of nanotechnology. The seal holding significantly longer, therefor the surface requires less frequent treatment, and the operation is all the more effective. The raw materials for silicon-dioxide coatings are rich in natural content and are therefore environmentally-friendly. Most sand on the earth is made up of silicon dioxide (quartz). Not only is there plenty of it but because of its durability and chemical resistance it is also especially resistant to the weather. Silicon dioxide is also the main component in all (quartz) glass.

Diversity in products and application

NanoSPC offers a wide range of high quality maintenance and protection products. By treating the surface with a Nano-coat, dirt, lime and atmospheric contaminations will have substantially no adhesion so that periodic cleaning no longer needs to be carried out as frequent which lead to cost savings. By reducing the requirement for cleaning agents or other chemical processing products for the most diverse surfaces, the functional properties of SiO2 coatings in the Nano-technology sector aid in protecting the environment.

Car polish & coat

Chemona® Nanocoat Technologies

NanoSPC is the exclusive importer in Indonesia of the product portfolio produced and developed by Chemona® Nanocoat Technologies. Chemona® Nanocoat Technologies produces high quality coatings based on nanotechnology to protect surfaces and materials. They have been developing cutting edge nanotechnology coatings for products and materials in different market segments for the past 15 years. The product portfolio is based on innovative nanotechnology specifically designed to be easily applied and to extend the life of different surfaces.

Cutting edge nanotechnology coatings

As an innovative company, Chemona® Nanocoat Technologies are focusing on R&D - with the goal of continuous product improvement and the development of innovative new products. Their high quality technology and fast reaction distinguishes them as a leading manufacturer of ultra-thin SiO2-based Nano-coatings.

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