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The QuantumS Ltd. is a consultancy company offering a complete line of quantity surveying services for new built and renovation projects including cost management, contract management, procurement strategy, specialty services, like due diligence and loan/project monitoring services, for new or distressed properties, etc.


The company was established in Hong Kong in 2019 by the Founder, Mr. Frank Kwok, who has extensive knowledge and expertise in the field for over 30 years of solid experience in both Mainland China and Hong Kong.

Our Name

As the company name implies, we are the one who specialize in the “cost and quantity” of the construction projects. The word “quantum”, which was first coined in the 16th century, in the general sense, is defined as “quantity" or "amount”, and this match perfectly with our expertise. This is why we are The QuantumS where the “S” represents our surveying services.

In China, metrology “度量衡“ has been standardized in the Qin Dynasty over 2000 years ago covering the length, volume and weight. Since then, the instrument “升” has been used as a standardized gauge for measuring volume.

Showing on the right is the instrument “商映方升” certified by the Chinese official 2300 years ago.

Here is a variant of the instrument “方升” which has sub-divisions.

From another perspective, we identified the English alphabets "Q" and "S" on the instrument and its sub-divisions.

The Chinese word “量” has been used to describe the “quantity”, and we are using these two Chinese words “升量” to symbolize the gauging and evaluation of all sorts of quantities and costs involved in the construction industry.

This is how our name comes:

The QuantumS Limited


Our Vision, Mission and Values Statement

The QuantumS seeks to provide a truly people promising environment in which all our staff can learn, improve, develop, share and excel.

We strive to achieve the highest quality service delivery to our clients through integrity, the pursuit of professionalism, teamwork and most importantly, identifying, understanding and focusing on our clients' needs, and addressing the clients' challenges by providing sustainable solutions, probably before the issues being amplified.

Our Scope of Services

Our expertise spans the full lifecycle of projects from inception, design and tendering, award and delivery, through to final handover of a completed project.

Certain projects may cover the maintenance, renovation and re-provisioning phases.

Our core QS services include:

- Initial budget estimating to assess the feasibility of design proposals.

- Comparative cost advice on alternative designs, materials, systems, construction methods, contractual arrangement, phasing and procurement.

- Detailed cost planning and monitoring to ensure that designs are developed within the approved budget.

- Value engineering of design options to achieve value for money and minimize cost.

- Advice on appropriate contract packaging, tendering procedures and procurement options.

- Finalization and management of the selected procurement route.

- Tender documentation and management of the tendering process until a suitable contractor is engaged.

- Post-contract financial management with contractual inputs including progress payment valuations, regular reporting on forecast of expenditure and final cost, proactively reporting on potential disputes and avoiding budget overrun, reporting on and agreement of the final account with inputs on disputes resolution.

- Data analyzing and recording for future reference.

Our Specialty Services include:

Due Diligence and Project Monitoring Services, which would be a tailor-made service to meet the investor’s needs.

Our Experience

The experience of The QuantumS professionals covers a wide range of services virtually on every building type, such as, residential buildings, public housing, commercial buildings (offices, retail malls, hotels), university & hostels, schools, banks, historic buildings, plants and infrastructures (roads, bridges, drainage, electricity supply, geotechnical works, airport and piers, etc.) projects.

The size of the projects managed by our key Professionals ranges from small office fitting-out works to over 2 million m2 GFA multi-billion dollars mixed commercial developments. We are proud of having been working with many internationally renowned architects and engineers on a number of iconic developments for our esteemed clients throughout the region.

Some of the Projects Managed by Our Key Professionals

Portfolio being updated

Our People

We are committed to providing staff training for improving the skills and capabilities of our staff of all levels to ensure them to meet the demands of the ever-changing construction industry.

We strive to bring our values of integrity, focus on what, where, how and when our clients need, strengthen the collaboration with all stake-holders and achieve sustainable targets for all projects.

Key Professionals Profile

The key Professionals of the company are all qualified professionals with average over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, both local and overseas, and in private and public sectors. They are committed to achieving excellence and exceeding our clients' expectations.

Frank H. L. Kwok – Managing Director

B.Sc. (QS), MRICS, MHKIS, RPS (QS) Over 30 years of solid expertise in the construction field covering QS, due diligence and project monitoring services around the Asia region.

Dickey K. W. Lee - Project Director

MRICS, MHKIS, RPS (QS), REC(PRC), MSZCEA, LLB (Chinese Law) Over 25 years of extensive expertise in the construction field in QS around the Greater China Region.

Andy S. W. Wong - Deputy Director

MRICS, MHKIS, RPS (QS) Over 12 years of solid experience in Hong Kong and the Mainland China

Veronica Lam – Training Director

MHKIS Over 20 years of solid experience in Hong Kong and Mainland China.


Frank Kwok - Managing Director

+852 2199 7122 (Dir)


Hong Kong - Main Office

502 Waga Commercial Centre, 99 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong

+852 2199 7889 (Gen)

+852 2199 7808 (Fax)



China - Foshan Office


中国 广东省 佛山市 禅城区 祖庙路 33号 百花广场 1009 室 528000


We are proud to announce that we are part of the

One Solution Asia

a leading construction consultancy firm in Asia. Please visit the website www.OneSolutionAsia.com

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